Statement of Lynn, former friend of Lisa's

Lisa was a beautiful, kind, loving soul. She had lots of friends. Lisa was the type of person that when you walked in a room she made you feel like you made a difference wherever you showed up. When you talked with her you felt special in her eyes and could begin to see yourself as someone that mattered. Lisa was real. She could easily share her own life with you as you shared yours with her.

I first met Lisa in December of 1987. She made a difference in my life just by being a kind voice that understood what I was going through at the time and helped me see that I had within me the power and strength to pull myself up and take a stand for my life, probably the biggest stand of my life and she was there encouraging me.

I am saddened that out of all the many, many people that loved Lisa very few were able to speak out as several of them were still on contract and were silenced, but they grieved and some of them even left the organization because of the information that was being exposed due to the truth resonating to them more clearly than the lack of information or ‘policy’ being thrown at them. It was mandatory for all employees of the church to direct any and all questions about Lisa to the proper channels.

Lisa, you mattered; you have been recognized; your life has been acknowledged. And now especially with this site you continue to make a difference in the lives of others. We love you; I love you.

Your Friend,