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Subject: Re: Roxanne Friend affidavit

From: (Tilman Hausherr)

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 08:26:09 +0100

On 11 Feb 2000 20:33:28 GMT, Keith Henson <>

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>Roxanne is the 6th kidnapping and/or illege confinement victim I know


I have a 7th. Told by Ursula Caberta yesterday. The Ohrendorf's (husband

and wife) are the owners of the old Hamburg org. They didn't get paid

the rent. Naively, they flew to Clearwater to sort things out and get

their $$. They were locked up in a room with a guard outside.

Scientology came with a paper to sign that the rent would be cut by

half. They didn't sign. Finally they let the wife go. They still coerced

the husband to sign the paper. He said he could sign anything, it

wouldn't matter because the wife owns the building and not him. They let

the husband go - also because in the meantime, their son was regularly

calling at "Flag" to know what happened to his parents. When back home

the two quit scientology and filed a lawsuit (which was later settled

for a confidential amount).