On the left is a photo of L. Ron Hubbard giving a demonstration of Dianetics using a Mathison electropsychometer. On the right is Volney Mathison giving a demonstration of his Mathison electropsychometer. Can you see a problem? They're the same photo! The left photo I've seen in Scientology publications somewhere, and someone kindly sent me a copy. The right photo is from Volney Mathison's book "The Future is Here" on page 26.

This is a fun mystery. Who is originally in the photo? Who replaced whom in the photo, and why was the photo altered? Was this a demonstration of dianetics or Mathison's competitive theories?

Tory Christman said on OCMB that

"This one I have to say is off, mainly because my mother-in-law was AT those conferences ....and when Scientology put up the photos, we went and saw them (They have tons of them from in the old days)---and she even found herself in some of them.

I *think* (*not sure, but it sure looks like her)---one of the ladies in the front row (First one on the left, if facing forward) is her.

She had great stories of back then, truly funny stories. I had her come speak at Bridge, at one of the L. Ron Hubbard's B-days (where they invite Opinion Leaders over for a separate party). Many of the staff, after she spoke, came up and thanked me for having her come, and told me: "She literally changed my life". How? Mainly she TOTALLY ***didn't*** have Hubbard up on a pedestal, as so many of the young kids did."

My opinion is that the Hubbard one is real and the Mathison one faked. The flash for this photo was to the right of the camera. But looking at Mathison's face and clothing, the shadowing on him appears to come from above. So while the quality of neither copy here is good enough to be sure, I'd say that Mathison replaced Hubbard with himself in this photo. So they were both stealing from each other! Cross-thievery!

If anyone has the full photo of the one with Hubbard, I'd really like a copy. Or better quality copies of either. And I would especially like to know where this photo was originally published.


Here's some more Scientology-related photo altering. And here's some more.

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