The Church of Scientology Pickets Me

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This picket happened at a hotel in Scottsdale February 21 where I was dj'ing an All Singles Dance held every Friday night at different hotels throughout the Phoenix area. The church of Scientology, rather than confront what is on my web page about Lisa McPherson, instead chooses to attack my family, especially my father who owns the business. My father has video stores in South Dakota that have won awards for best video store in the state. The store rents everything from disney cartoons to x-rated, thus the sign. My father is in court right now concerning the issue of whether a state can tax a constitutionally protected action (publishing). Hence the other sign. As for giving advice, I have no idea what that sign is about.

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The sign that talks about a Jacobsen suing his own family has us all puzzled. None of us have ever sued a family member, so I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

pktme3.gif (14055 bytes) I guess the "prisoners" sign is that some prisoners have personal ads in Single Scene newspaper. So?

The "porn" sign is again about the x-rated videos at my dad's stores.

the "900 numbers" sign is about our personal ads. You can respond to our ads on a 900 number for those advertisers who choose to use that system. This is bad???



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So, all in all, their signs make little sense. It's certainly no secret that my dad rents x-rated videos. We've never sued any family member. 900 businesses can be perfectly legitimate as ours is. Prisoners place ads in our paper. And for this they spent all this time making signs and picketing? No, not for that. This is retaliation for the Lisa McPherson Memorial Page. The church has since January 13 picketed my employer (my dad) and my home, sent a private investigator to my dad's businesses in another state, and called me a bomber, murderer and liar. These harassive tactics against me AND my family do not in any way alter any of the facts about Lisa McPherson. The church should spend it's time helping the police clear up this suspicious death instead of attacking me and my family.

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