Comment about Lisa McPherson's death left on Phoenix New Times article about the L. Ron Hubbard Museum:

Well, I might put up some court documents later tonight when I get home but I just wanted to comment on one issue.

You guys use the Lisa Macphereson [sp] thing as a key ammunition, but you might, if interested dig a little deeper. I'll agree she died, but theres some points that are made more clear from the court transcripts and documents.
For starters, the case was dismissed. It was discovered that the financier of the case had been paying witnesses and had paid millions to finance the case. He also purgered himself on multiple occasions in his testimony in the case. If I remember correctly, the medical examiner who listed the cause of death as uncertain or suspicious, or whatever language was used, I forget exactly, that she changed the report and resigned after it was found that Robert Minton was paying witnesses (I'll let you assume why because I dont have specific data). It was discovered that Robert Minton who financed the whole thing had financial ties to a member of the german government Ursula Camberta.
On the death itself- I guess she died, so someone screwed up right? I mean, ideally people dont die when they are in your care. However, whats the alternative? Someone having a psychotic break is generally handled by sending them to a psychiatric hospital where they are tied down with restraints and heavily drugged. Google how many people die from that. I'll give you a hint. It's more than one. Google "psychiatric restraint death" or "psychiatric hospital deaths". Scientologists dont approve of this and would not want to send their own into that situation.

The way they tried to help her was to give her some time and peace and quiet to get better. I guess how they screwed up was not watching her good enough? I dont know, I wasnt there, but again, the case was dismissed in a court of law after much evidence was heard. I'm not a spokesperson or speaking for all scientologists. I'm just giving my own personal opinion here. Again, I'll post some links to court records later if they are still available online. Out of context bits dont tell the whole story.

It would be like if you had a friend with the flu and you let him stay in your guest room for the night, but checked on him in the morning to find him dead. Thats not murder. Scientology doesnt murder it's members. Thats just an extreme lie used so shock people. Frankly it is the main thing that I hear that pisses me off. It's a lie and it pisses me off. Ok, I'm done.

Comment by Scientologist from Phoenix on Feb 6th, 2009, 17:08 pm