How to make a quick and cheap picket sign
note; this is ONE way to make a sign, quick and easy though

I got the 1/2" dowel at Lowe's. Home Depot has them too. $2.18 plus tax. Foam tape from Staples,
16 1- inch squares, $1.99 plus tax (you could probably use little rolld of scotch tape and save even
more $. Coat hangar, free. 2 posters from Walgreen's, 79 cents each. Tape and magic marker you
probably already have. So, maybe about $6. You can go wild and use foam board instead, which is
stiff and light, but it costs more.

You should make your message BEFORE you put this together, just 'cause it's easier.

Scotch tape the coat hangar down (curl the ends so nothing pointy). This stiffens the poster board.
Put the foam tape squares around the edges and in corners, and a bunch to hold the stick. Put foam
tape on the stick so it will stick to the sign you will put on top of all of this. Remember, 16 squares, so
figure out where to put them.

Put the stick on the foam tape in the middle. Now the other set you stuck on the stick is facing up,
ready for the other poster.

Carefully place the other poster onto this contraption so both posters line up.
Ta Da! You're done! That took maybe 2 minutes.

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