From Sun Sep 16 06:51:01 2001
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The Volunteer Minister Scam....
From: "Magoo" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 06:51:01 -0400

Having helped OSA for 20 years...I am VERY familiar with the Volunteer Minister Scam.  It was one of my favorite things...until I began realizing what the *real* purpose of it was.  I thought it was to help people. Since that was WHY I got into Scientology, I was always willing to go assist.

Just as in NYC now...we would head out to spread the word. During the Earthquake, we went to parks, brought clothes, and passed out Way to Happiness Booklets.

But having worked closely with Scientology in PR...I began to see it ALL revolved around what they call, "the PR value".

If they got press...they were happy.

No press...they were very unhappy.

If it got us 'in' with someone important...again, they were happy. This gave it PR value. They actually have points for all of this...and grade actions so they can report their stats.

What about people who really needed help? If they didn't have money, or PR value,,,screw um basically.

Like in NY...where they SAY they are now becoming "Opinion Leaders" where others are beginning to use them, and ask them to "hat" others...this was always their dream.

But again...why? So they can truly help people? The public think so. But is all about the PR value of L Ron Hubbard's name. Kay Connally is in charge of RPR. RPR stands for Ron's Public Relations Office. It is an entire unit set up to create good PR and images of L Ron Hubbard.

If there is ANYTHING said about Hubbard that is bad (using his name) they lose TONS of stats.

So of course, they having the 1 800 for Truth right under the President had to give a lot of people libs this week-end. What goes down after ...we'll see.

But for these phonies who have endlessly attacked psych's and mental health consulants to now say they are themselves consultants is unbelievable to me.  Considering I personally (just ONE X Scientologist now) know 4 young men who KILLED themsleves (all with one thing in common: they wanted out of Scientology)

And I know 3 people who literally went insain due to their upper level crap - one who just recently sadly took his life And I who know countless people who have just suddenly died once on NOTS>>>>>>

Do I feel a responsibility to SCREAM:




You bet I do.

It's a scam from beginning to end. Sure many of the people helping truly are trying to help, and that is not what I am talking about.

But for the exec's running this scam, and many of the OSA bots who have been around long enough to know the above is true....shame on all of you!

Quit scamming and start living.

Tory/Magoo~dancin in the light and wishing for International Peace for all.

In for 30 years

Out for 1 year

SP 5, with CC (and voted "Queen" by OSA)_