Diaries offer vignettes of Scientologist's passion

[Tampa Tribune 22 December 1996]

4/1/97 -- 3:18 PM

12/22 Diaries offer vignettes of Scientologist's passion By CHERYL WALDRIP/of The Tampa Tribune

DALLAS - Among the few possessions Lisa McPherson's family retrieved from her Osceola Avenue apartment were three diaries, which she kept sporadically.

The following passages provide a glimpse of McPherson's personality, including her struggle to define herself, her appreciation for her health, her passion for dancing and love for her mother.

-- -- --

Today is Saturday, the 29th of May (1993). ... John ignited an old gas flame I thought was long ago out. I quit smoking. I loved smoking and quit in case he ever passed my way again and should want to kiss me. That says something.

I cried at Michael Bolton songs that we had never shared. I kept him in my thoughts every conscious moment. I hated sleeping because it was time away from him. ...

In all the other relationships I can recall I've suffered from the same thing, which is ``how can I be exactly the person you will want?'' That was a miserable way to go about it. Being careful not to say the wrong thing, what a trap. So I chucked that whole idea and decided to be who I was. ...

-- -- --

May 30, 1993

It was January when my back started failing me. February I went to a specialist and was ordered to get an MRI. I did and discovered I had a herniated disc. I wouldn't stop dancing, and I took an oral steroid that helped ease the pain.

This has been the longest two months of my life. I am forced to slow down, and I don't like it. I'm definitely on the downhill side of it now. In a way I may be fortunate to have gone through this. I know what not having my health is like, and I appreciate mine a lot more. I learned who my friends were.

-- -- --

June 10, 1993

(Mom) Bless her heart, she got sick as a dog, and now she's starting over. ... We have never been closer. I love her a lot.

-- -- --

June 13, 1993

I went dancing at Cowboys and had a great time.

-- -- --

Aug. 14, 1993

Went to see The Fugitive with Bren. We ate at Chili's first then went to the movie. I was disappointed in it, but I love Harrison Ford. ... Yesterday I had to tell my neighbor that Casper (her cat) was killed. She was as upset as I was. I miss my kitty. I think I am going to get another one. A kitten this time.

-- -- --

Sept. 2, 1993

The baby kitty is driving me crazy! She fell in the toilet this morning. I do not have a moment's peace at home hardly.

-- -- --

Sept. 6, 1993

Brenda and I went to Wild West to dance. We had a great time, I can't remember when we had more fun. I met a guy, Jerry, and we danced the night away - he was a 3 stepper. I kept up with him. I liked him because he was tall. He had a great sense of humor and seemed to like me.

-- -- --

Oct. 27, 1993

What an eventful 8 or so weeks! I finished my LOC last week! Yea! I got a lot sorted out on my first and second dynamics as a result. Now I'm on NED and hope to be clear soon. I'm going to Chicago next week.

-- -- --

March 12, 1994

Went to New York New York (a nightclub) with the girls - had blast!

-- -- --

March 26, 1994

Randie did my hair, and then Gi and I went to the mall. Later went to the Sandcastle to hear Jan sing, but she didn't so I didn't stay. Randie took me dancing and WE HAD A BLAST! God this man can dance - we didn't get home until 1:00. We stayed up talking to almost 3. ...

-- -- --

March 31, 1994

I worked my butt off today, but it seemed like the harder I worked, the further behind I got!

-- -- --

April 1, 1994

I'm going through some changes at work, and that's pretty frustrating. Bren and I booked a trip to Dallas. ...

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