Golden Era Studio hilltop outpost, March 15, 2009

Golden Era Studios use sprinklers to force critics into street, March 15, 2009


Tribute to Lisa McPherson, from Anonymous

An Anonymous vigil, 2008

Sydney Anons remember Lisa, Feb. 10, 2008

Clearwater sings happy birthday to Lisa, Feb. 10, 2008

Plymouth sings happy birthday to Lisa, Feb. 10, 2008

Scientology brags about "winning" Lisa McPherson criminal and civil cases

Tom Cruise flipping out on Scientology

Press Conference, March 1996, Clearwater Florida (our first)

Paul Grosswald

Jeff Jacobsen

Media coverage

Pickets March and December 1997, in Clearwater, Florida

I'm accused of being a "porno king"

Scientologists picket the SP Times and police

Press Conference, December 1997 in Clearwater, Florida
(apologies for the sound quality; I'm looking for a better version)

Birgitta Dagnell

Martin Ottman

Dennis Erlich

Ken Dandar

Tom Padgett

Jeff Jacobsen

Press conference, December 4, 1998 in Clearwater Florida

Frank Oliver

Jesse Prince

Q & A question on assimilating back into society

PRESS CONFERENCE, December 1999 in Clearwater, Florida

Gabe Cazares

Candlelight Vigil, 1999


Super Power building, under construction 2001

L. Ron Hubbard's hideout near Clearwater FL (not Scientology owned)


Leisa Goodman

LA Scientologists

Tommy Davis

Attack on Ursula Caberta

The Mad Picket, Clearwater Florida

"Bub" and others at picket

The OT Committee in Clearwater

Van Tech 2000 - just weird behavior - why were they going in and out of the vans all night?

Sound Wars, 2001

picketing the Clearwater police

Security Dudes

Herb Zerden


Bruce Hines - former auditor to the Scientology stars

Jamie Kennedy - grandson of L. Ron Hubbard

David Miscavige - on ABC's Nightline, 1992

Ray Mithoff - coming out of cafeteria in Clearwater, FL, 2001

Kendrick Moxon - Scientology attorney, apparently upsetting a reporter at 12/96 Clearwater protest

David Sweetland - religious shunning by Scientology


Atlanta pickets

ex-members on shunning


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