Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Subject: Re: GULAGS of $cientology

From: (Zane Thomas)

Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 00:05:36 GMT


> (Arnaldo Lerma) wrote:


>>Dennis Erlich describes:


>>DE: Oh, not by any means. No, no, it's sort of a standard practice for


>>them to incarcerate people who object to things -- object to

>>activities that tre going on -- so when I was in the basement,

>>there was a woman -- I can give you her name; her name was Lynn

>>Freulind -- and she was chained in the basement when I was there.

>>And I have witnesses; there are other witnesses to that. There are

>>people who have been kidnapped and taken, you know, all the way

>>across country and locked in rooms, and -- no, it's sort of a

>>standard practice. They don't talk about it much, but -




>> How is this tolerated? because no one knows about it?


>Because it's simply not true: it is certainly not "standard practice",

>and as far as I am concerned this is simply slanderous allegations.


>> Let people know the TRUE nature of the cult of $cientology.


>This is not the TRUE nature of the cult of $cientology.


Well then Bernie, how could it be that I saw a young woman confined in a small, damp, dark room at the bottom of an elevator shaft (used to be the end of a hall going underground to the building to the north) in clam publications in Scotland, eh?

She was fed bread and water, wore some dirty grey overalls (just recalled this detail), and of course there was some sort of a rag on the arm.

Then, she got to scrub linoleum floors with kerosene and steel-wool for a couple days and nights, with NO sleep. Let me think, no sleep and a heavy dose of kerosene fumes. How do you spell "break down and brainwash".

Now, FUCK OFF MORON before I get really pissed recalling the insane actions of the sea org in Edinburough.



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