Part 1 (of 3) of Clearwater Police Dept. Emmons Report - 

Chronological summaries of police, city, and media items related to Clearwater and Scientology.


5/22/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Tries the Unusual in Document Trial".

Lawyers for Scientology asked that parts of the official court transcripts of a civil case be destroyed upon the completion of the trial. A Superior Court Judge denied the request.


5/22/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Group Registers Gripe Against Sect Ordinance".

Americans United For Separation of Church and State filed a complaint in US District Court against the revised charitable solicitation ordinance.


5/23/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Church Groups Obtain Restraining Order Against anti-Scientology Law".

Six religious organizations obtained a temporary restraining order that prohibits the City from enforcing it's revised charitable solicitation ordinance.


5/24/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientologists Pleased With Restraining Order".

Church spokesman Richard Hayworth says he is pleased with the second restraining order issued against the City's revised ordinance.


5/25/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Papers Linking Hubbard, Sect Ordered Shredded".

Laurel Sullivan, a Scientologists for 17 years who worked in Hubbard's office as his

personal public relations officer, said orders were given in Feb. 1980 to shred documents that said Hubbard was in control of Church management. * See also St. Petersburg Times.


5/27/84 Clearwater Sun

"Former Sect Publicist Fears Being Target".

Laurel Sullivan says she left the organization because she had become a "target" of other Church members.

* See also St. Petersburg Times.


5/28/84 SR3.1 R (8-8)

A copy of a Scientology Mission information sheet. The mission was to get a former Sea Org. member, Homer Shomer to come back to the group. There was information that he was possibly planning to testify against the group in the Gerry Armstrong Case. They planned to use his daughter, Valerie Page and an old friend Milt Wolfe.


5/30/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Hubbard Had Duel Personalities".

According to L. Ron Hubbard's former publicist, Laurel Sullivan, Hubbard had a split personality that triggered outbursts of anger.


6/2/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Will Ask Court To Quash Warrant".

Church announced it will petition the Supreme Court of Ontario to quash a search warrant that police used to raid Church headquarters and seize documents.


6/3/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Readers Respond to Scientology". Letters to the Editor


6/3/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientology near death, ex-members say"

Ex-Church members say greed, lies, and power struggles have crippled Scientology to the point where it maybe dying.


6/5/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Second order is issued to halt enforcement of anti-Scientology law"

A U.S. District Judge issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the City of Clearwater from enforcing it's charitable solicitation ordinance.


6/5/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect's Religious Status Just One Part of Trial"

A report regarding court proceedings taking place in Toronto.


6/7/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientology compared to Catholicism"

A lawyer representing the Church of Scientology likened the sect to the Roman Catholic Church.


6/8/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"State Attorney's Records Are Public, Judge Says in Ruling"

A Polk County judge said a state attorney's records of completed or inactive investigations are public record.


6/9/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Hearing Likely to Mushroom"

An Ontario Supreme Court judge is expected to rule in a hearing brought by the Church of Scientology centering on questions of religious equality and criminal wrong doing.


6/9/84 Clearwater Sun: 

"Sect Trial Near End"

An article regarding the trial of Gerald Armstrong.


6/9/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologists File Suit Over Tax Exemption Denial"

The Church of Scientology sued the Property Appraiser and Tax Collector because the organization was denied a tax exempt status.


6/6/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Solicitation Ruling Puts City on Hold".

Attorneys for City called the Church's restraining order another holding action on the law's constitutionality.


6/11/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Clearwater organization mails 2,000 Scientology booklets"

The Florida branch of the Concerned Businessman's Association of America sent 2,000 letters around the county touting an enclosed booklet written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The booklet was "The Way To Happiness."


6/13/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Judge Has LA Sect Testimony"

An article regarding the trial of Gerald Armstrong.


6/14/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Member Wins Lawsuit".

A "deprogrammer" violated the rights of Church member Paula Dain by trying to force her to leave the group.


6/14/84 Clearwater Sun: 

"In defense of Scientology"

A letter to the Editor from Bruce Silton and a second letter to the Editor by Arthur Kravitz.


6/15/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Canadian Court Told Religion Protects Cult"

The Church of Scientology told the Ontario Supreme Court a search warrant used to raid the Church of Scientology's headquarters there should be quashed because sect members could not commit a fraud while practicing their faith. *See similar article from the Toronto Globe.


6/15/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologists Want Commissioner to Pay Legal Fees From His Suit" The Church wants to make Cazares pay $770,000 in legal fees- * See also Clearwater Sun.


6/15/84 SR3.1 R (P-5)

An interview was conducted with a Joseph Zoel. He had come to CPD after being involved with Scientology for about 3 months and then being convinced to come to Clearwater to join staff. He was shocked at the living and working conditions and decided not to stay.

6/15/84 CPD # 84-13905

CPD was called to 500 Cleveland Street by Scientology for a disturbance. Officers found a former member, Johan Kempff and his friend, Richard Wetherill involved in a struggle with Ben Shaw and other staff members. A battery report was taken for the state to decide on charges. It started when Kempff returned to the building to talk to someone about a refund of fees he paid to Scientology .Both sides differ on who started the physical assault.


6/17/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Is Scientology a Religion? Court May Give Answer" 

An article regarding a trial in Toronto.


6/18/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Court Told Sect Raid Should Have Been Restricted"

A lawyer for the Church of Scientology says a 158 page search warrant Ontario Police used to raid the headquarters should have been restricted to prevent a massive search and seizure of Church records and artifacts.


6/19/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Related Organization Breaks Up"

The Church of Scientology of Clearwater Inc. incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in December of 1982; filed papers of corporate dissolution in April stating it was "active until January 20, 1983."



A reporter for the Clearwater Sun, George Shelor reported two suspicious incidents possibly involving Scientology. He was followed to lunch by a subject that had an apparent Scientology custom license plate fonD California. Then later in the day he got a call at the paper advising him to stop reporting on what he had been reporting on. The unknown caller mentioned that he his wife and daughters time was near.


6/22/84 SRJ.l L (R-2)

Former members, Lawrence West and Catherine Williams started a Squirrel Group known as California Association of Dianetic Auditors (CADA). They were involved in a civil battle with RTC over use of Scientology Technology.


6/23/84 SRJ.l R (A-ll) CPD 84-14588

A Harold Scott Anderson had been charged with burglary to a Scientology building. He had written a letter to the Clearwater Sun documenting his involvement with Scientology and an alleged set up by them on his burglary charges. He later recanted his claims and pled guilty to a lesser trespass charge.


6/23/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Ruling Beginning of the End".

California Judge exonerated Gerald Armstrong from charges that he took Church documents. Judge ruled that Armstrong took the documents to "minimize potential risks he faced including physical harm" when he fled the Clearwater based sect.


6/24/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Decision Is A Major Win for Anti-Scientologists"



6/24/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Founder's Son Says Hubbard Did Not Invent the E-Meter".

Hubbard's estranged son Ronald DeWolf recalls that someone else actually invented the E-Meter.


6/24/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientology E-Meter Said to Offer Catharsis".

Founder L. Ron Hubbard holds the patent on the E-Meter, which according to electronics experts is nothing more than a galvanometer, a device that measures electrical resistance.


6/25/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Official Responds to LA Courts Decision"

 A letter to the Editor by Heber Jentzsch.


6/26/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Litigation Keeps Sect on Defense"

The Church of Scientology faces mounting legal pressures in courts worldwide to explain its actions, policy, beliefs, and inner workings.


6/27/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Court Reseals Sect Papers".

A California Court granted an emergency stay and resealed about 500 documents that had been unsealed by a California judge.


6/27/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologists Win Temporary Delay in Release of Founder's Documents"

The Church of Scientology won a temporary halt in the release of documents belonging to the Church's founder.


6/28/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Another Church Group Joins Suit Against Scientology Law"

Four Seventh Day Adventist organizations have joined a lawsuit contesting the constitutionality of Clearwater' s charitable solicitation ordinances.


6/29/84 Pinellas Review:

"Scientologists Unpaid Taxes Total 569,662.27: Jasper May Sell Some of the Certificates July l0th"

Tax Collector 0. Sanford Jasper said he would offer for sale certificates covering unpaid taxes on 10 parcels of Church of Scientology property unless the Church pays before hand.


7/1/84 Clearwater Sun: 

"Prejudiced Reporting?"

A letter to the Editor.


7/2/84 SR3.1 AF (A-t) 

Former member, Henry Abgrall contacted the City to get help in seeking a refund of over $9,000 from Scientology.


7/5/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Disaffected Scientologists Strike Out on Own"

Disillusioned Scientologists still practicing the tenets of Dianetics and Scientology have splintered from the Church of Scientology to form their own organizations such as the Clear Center. the Council for Spiritual Integrity, Advanced Abilities Center, and the Revitalization Center.


7/9/84 SR3.1 R (T -3)

A prominent German citizen. Gerlinde A. E. Trager contacted CPD to make complaint of her estranged soon to be ex-husband having married her only to get money to take Scientology courses.


7/10/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Judge Rules Tax Officials Can't Take Property of Scientologists"

The Tax Collector of Pinellas Country will not be allowed to confiscate more than $1- million in furniture and equipment form building owned by the Church of Scientology according to a Pinellas County judge.

* See also Clearwater Sun article.


7/11/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Ex Official Tells Of Millions Sent To Hubbard'.

Former officials of the Church of Scientology said they helped L. Ron Hubbard secretly divert more than 100 million dollars from the Church into foreign bank accounts he controlled.


7/11/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Clearwater Changes Peddlers' Ordinance"

The Commission approved major changes in a peddlers’ ordinance just days before a number of religious organizations will contest the law's constitutionality in court.


7/11/84 New York Times :

"Scientology Chief Got Millions, Ex-aids Say" 

A story about L. Ron Hubbard.


7/12/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Hubbard Report Called Garbage"

Accusations by Church defectors that L. Ron Hubbard diverted more than 100 million dollars in Church funds to foreign bank accounts were described as garbage by the sect's president, Heber Jentzsch.


7/12/84 The Tampa Tribune:

"Scientology May Be Diverting Wealth to Hubbard"

Former officials of the Church of Scientology say they helped L. Ron Hubbard secretly divert more than $100-million into foreign bank accounts.


7/13/84 Clearwater Sun: 

"How Profits the Prophet?" 

An editorial.


7/14/84 SR3.1 R (J-9)

A non-Scientologist father contacted CPD over a child custody issue on his juvenile daughter who had been sent to Clearwater by the mother for Scientology training. He was advised to contact a civil attorney for advise.


7/14/84 Clearwater Sun:

"How Much Does It Take To Justify An Inquiry?" 

An editorial


7/14/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Info Gathered Here Spurs Probe"

Criminal investigations in Canada and California resulted in court action against the sect, but no similar action taken in the Clearwater area even though alleged criminal activity has been detailed by several former members.


7/14/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Law Aimed At Cult Is Upheld By U.S. Judge"

In a major victory for the City of Clearwater a federal judge ruled that the City's revised charitable solicitation ordinance is constitutional.


7/15/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Coast Guard Upset Over Firm's Design"

Article about Lawrence Fuhrmann and John Whelan.


7/16/84 The Detroit Free Press:

"Church and Money -What is Scientology? $100 Million Dollars Allegedly Diverted" 

Former ex-officials speak out.


7/21/84 Clearwater Sun: 

"Scientologists Respond" 

Letters to the editor .


7/24/84 St. Petersburg Times: 

"Church is Called Sinister"

Church of Scientology was condemned as sinister and dangerous by a British high court judge.


7/24/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientology Blasts Lawyer"

Church of Scientology officials accuse Boston lawyer Michael Flynn of conspiring to pass a counterfeit $2 million check on the account of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and later blaming the forgery on members of the Church as part of an overall plan to destroy the group.

*see also Tampa Tribune


7/24/84 SR3.1 AF (8-2)

A former member, Helga Schiwal requested a complaint form to seek a refund from Scientology for nearly $18,000.


7/25/84 SR3.1 AF (S-3)

Former member, Larry Seminott contacted the City to request help in getting a refund from Scientology for money paid in advance for courses.


7/25/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Say Flynn Involved With Phony Check"

Scientology officials are accusing Boston lawyer Michael Flynn of conspiring to pass a counterfeit 2 million dollar check "to divert attention from himself'.


8/1/84 SR3.1

Letter to Mayor Kelly from the President of CSI Heber Jentzsch. He makes claims of criminal ties to Attorney Michael Flynn and organized crime in Boston.


8/2/84 SR3.1 AF (G-l)

Attorney Dr. Heiko Yon Gienanth contacted the City requesting information on how to get help in seeking refunds for several clients that he represented in Germany.


8/2/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientology Leader Chastises Clearwater"

Heber Jentzsch criticized Clearwater's charitable solicitation ordinance and Boston attorney Michael Flynn.


8/2/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologist Brings His Allegations To Clearwater"

Church of Scientology International President Heber Jentzsch speaks against the City's charitable solicitation ordinance.


8/2/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientologists Go To Court To Block Solicitation Measure"

Attorneys for the Church of Scientology filed a motion to stop enforcement of Clearwater's charitable solicitation ordinance.


8/2/84 Tampa Tribune:

"Scientology Leader Renews Fight Over Forged Check"

Church President Heber Jentzsch renewed charges involving a forged 2 million dollar check and a conspiracy by sect foe Michael Flynn. * See also Clearwater Sun.


8/3/84 SR3.1 M (S-5)

A former member, Stefan Sahlvall was notifying several law enforcement agencies around the world about the harassment he has received while attempting to practice Scientology outside of the authority of RTC. This is referred to as Squirrel Groups.


8/3/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Judge Upholds Enforcement of Solicitation Law"

A U. S. District Court judge denied a Church of Scientology request to restrain Clearwater officials from enforcing a charitable solicitation ordinance. *see also St. Petersburg Times


8/4/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Charges Insult Intelligence of Public"

Editorial about Heber Jentzsch in response to his press conference and attempts to discredit Boston Attorney Michael Flynn.


8/9/84 CPD #84-18487, SR3.1 R (P-2)

An anonymous citizen complained of recruitment by Scientology uniformed members at the local bus station at Park & Garden.


8/10/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Treasury Agents Said Probing Sect"

The US Treasury Department's Criminal Investigations Division has mounted an in- depth investigation into the activities of the Clearwater based Church of Scientology.


8/15/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Sect Moves Its Mortgages To 'Religious Trust"

Church of Scientology transferred mortgages on 9 of its 10 properties to a religious trust, whose beneficiaries the Church refuses to name.


8/17/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Sect Stays Firm on Not Selling Motel"

The president of the Church of Scientology reaffirmed that a former motel on the bay front owned by the Church is not for sale. He was referring to the former Sandcastle.


8/17/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Leaders Abusing Their Access to The Press" 

An editorial.


8/20/84 Evening Independent:

"Don't Miss the Obvious: Scientology is Business" 

An editorial.


8/21/84 SR3.1 R (J-12), 84-19682

A check on the welfare was done after a non-Scientologist parent, contacted CPD when she could not get in touch with her 13 year old son. The son had been staying with the father at the Ft. Harrison for about 2 months.


8/21/84 SR3.1 AF (H-I)

A former member, Violet Heckman contacted the City to get help in seeking a refund of $15,000 that she had paid directly to RRF (Religious Research Foundation) for Scientology auditing she was taking in Clearwater.


8/21/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Employee Sought After Scientologist Robbed"

A Church of Scientology employee armed with a pistol robbed a sect member of $200 inside the hotel headquarters.

*see St. Petersburg Times


8/23/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Church Begins Repaying Ex-Members"

Church of Scientology began to repay nearly $400,000. that at least 33 disenchanted members say they paid for counseling and classes they never received. *see St. Petersburg Times


8/23/84 CPD Report 84-19862

Subject accused a Church of Scientology security guard of false imprisonment, after the guard detains him.


8/24/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Repaying Disgruntled Members"

The Church of Scientology began to reimburse current and former members who claimed refunds were owed them for services not delivered when they took courses in Clearwater.


8/25/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientology Guard Charged with False Imprisonment"

A Church of Scientology security guard was arrested after he chased, tackled, and handcuffed a man he thought had thrown a piece of concrete block through a window at a building owned by the Church.

*see also Clearwater Sun


8/28/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Related Papers Released"

The Supreme Court of California ruled that thousands of Scientology related documents that have been under court seal for 3 months may be unsealed.


8/28/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Ex Members Denounce Sect Rehab Program"

An article concerning RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force).


8/29/84 CPD 84-20388, Threats

A Church security guard reports being threatened by a subject who had previously been "fired" by Scientology.*


8/31/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Church of Scientology to Give Records to Property Appraiser"

Church of Scientology said it will hand over 50,000 documents to the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office in an attempt to prove its claim that the organization is a tax exempt religion.


9/11/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Officials to Study Sect's Financial Records"

Tax officials are preparing to examine Church documents.


9/14/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Lawyer: Scientologists Are Trying To Frame Me"

Boston lawyer Michael Flynn claims that members of the Church of Scientology are trying to frame him.


9/12/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientology Magazine Ad Seeks IRS Whistle Blowers"

Freedom News Journal; a Los Angeles-based magazine published by the Church of Scientology has placed ads in newspapers around the country encouraging current or former employees of the IRS to step forward if they know of abuses the agency.


9/14/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Sits On Name of Phantom Company"

The identity of a corporation that Church of Scientology officials insist is plotting to depress downtown property values remained a mystery , nearly a month after a sect spokesman Heber Jentzsch pledged to reveal the company's name.


9/19/84 SR3.1 AF (S-I)

A former member, Marlys Lotzer Scmidt contacted the City for help in getting a refund of money paid to Scientology.


9/19/84 SR3.1 AF (T-I)

A former member, Desmond Thompson requested help in getting a refund from Scientology.


9/25/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Court Rules Against Scientologists"

The United States Tax Court ruled that the California Church of Scientology is not entitled to a religion's freedom from taxation.


9/26/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Vows to Fight Tax Setback"

Church of Scientology officials remain unruff1ed in the wake of a legal setback.


9/26/84 Tampa Tribune: 

"Scientology Appeal"

Church of Scientology officials say they will appeal a US tax court ruling denying tax exempt status to the Church's California affiliate.


9/26/84 St. Petersburg Times: 

"A for-profit Church" 

An editorial.


9/26/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientology Bears No Resemblance to Religion" 

An editorial.


9/28/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologist Says Church to Fight on"

Rev. Heber Jentzsch believes the actions of the IRS are illegal and says the Church of Scientology will continues its fight.


9/29/84 Evening Independent: 

"The bottom line: It's a Business" 

An editorial.


9/30/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Church Owes 1.4 Million Dollars"

The U.S. tax court in Washington ruled that the Church must pay 1.4 million dollars in back taxes and penalties because the court said the Church "Has made a business of selling religion."


9/30/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Charges Against Sect Security Guard Dropped"

The State Attorney dropped the charge of false imprisonment against a security guard for the Church of Scientology.


10/84 FREEDOM Issue 62

"IRS Tactics Result in Violent Deaths"

Articles accuse Atty. Michael Flynn of bribery.


10/84 London Sunday Times: 

"Sinking the Master Mariner"

An article about Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.


10/7/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Could Hubbard Be Hiding On Suncoast?" 

Article concerning L. Ron Hubbard.


10/7/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Condemnation Move Called Premature"

An article regarding condemnation of Coconuts nightclub.


10/8/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Actress, Husband Sever Their Link to Scientology, Get $59,000 Refund"

Television actress Joan Prather and her husband ended their long standing membership in the Church because of differences with management.


10/9/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Cazares Criticizes Sect on lively Donahue Show"

Commissioner Gabe Cazares appeared on the syndicated Phil Donahue show to participate in a discussion of cults.


10/16/84 SR3.1 AF (R-I)

A former member, E. Rosenkranz requested a refund of$I,O00 from Scientology. He was sent a copy of the ordinance.


10/23/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Wife of Scientology Founder Sues His Son"

The wife of L. Ron Hubbard filed a $5 million suit against her step-son charging that he perpetrated a massive fraud by claiming that Hubbard was dead.


10/24/84 Tampa Tribune:

"Scientologist Lawsuit Alleges Anti-Church Plot"

Church of Scientology filed a $20 million lawsuit in federal court against Boston attorney Michael Flynn charging he and his partners conspired to destroy their religion.


10/24/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"U.S. Tax Court Rules Scientologists Can't Deduct all Donations"

The Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom does not include the right to a tax deduction for a contribution to a church, the u. S. Tax Court ruled.


10/24/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Official Gets long-awaited Look at Scientology Finances"

Property Appraiser Ron Schultz reviewed Church of Scientology records. .See also Clearwater Sun


10/25/84 SR3.1 AF (P-I)

Roger Phares, a former member of Scientology contacted the City for help in getting a refund for advanced payment of courses.


10/25/84 SR3.1 AF (K-2)

A former member, Angelina Reinsma-Kostinow contacted the City for help in getting a refund for advanced payment of courses.


10/25/84 SR3.1 AF (K-3)

A former member, Evelyn Kreyling contacted the City for help in getting a refund for advanced payment of courses.


10/25/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Branches File 20 Million-Plus Lawsuit"

A 20 million dollar lawsuit has been filed by two branches of the Church of Scientology accusing Boston lawyer Michael Flynn, his brother, law partner, and a former Scientologist of violating the civil rights of Church members.


11/4/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Splinter Group Ex-Scientologists Plans To Offer Classes For Former Sect Members" 

Former Scientologist David Findlay announced he is forming a group that will offer Scientology related classes but will not be affiliated with the Church.


11/11/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Horror Story Told In Sect Suit"

Possibly the highest ranking most influential Scientologist to defect from the Clearwater based sect has sued Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for more than 225 million dollars. Howard Schomer cited physical abuse, the intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and the violation of his civil rights in filing the suit.


11/12/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"New Scientology Group Tries to Fight Church Detractors"

Scientologists were asked to join the newly formed International Association of Scientologists.


11/19/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Document Outlines Sect Attempt To Block Testimony"

Article outlining Scientology documents aimed at blocking testimony from former Scientologist Howard Schomer.


11/20/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Conscious of Cults"

On the 6th anniversary of the death of the followers of Rev. Jim Jones demonstrators want the public to be move aware of the existence of cult organizations and know how to avoid them.


11/20/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Scientologists Sue Court To Keep Documents Sealed"

Church of Scientology sued the Los Angeles Superior Court to prevent the release of documents that an attorney for a former member said would expose "sham and fraud" within the Church.


11/22/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Federal Judge Seals Sect Documents"

A federal judge acting on an emergency Church of Scientology request resealed hundreds of Church documents less than two days after a lower court declared the papers public record.


12/84 FREEDOM, December 1984

"Army Conducted Germ Warfare Tests in Washington's National Airport"


12/4/83 SR3.1 R (A-6) (A-9)

A cassette tape presentation by former member, David Mayo. He addresses many of theconcerns of the practicing Scientologist outside of the control of RTC known as Squirrel Groups. His group is called Advanced Ability Center in California.


12/6/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologists Contribution To Yulefest -A 120 ft Tree"

The Church purchased a $20,000 120 ft. Christmas tree to display at the Sandcastle Motel.


12/08/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Loses Court Battle in California"

A California judge declined to order a splinter group, the Church of Scientology, to give up its headquarters at Seventh and Lemon streets in downtown Riverside, after it was sued by the Church of Scientology.


12/10/84 SR3.1 R (F-2)

Several meetings with Local, State and Federal Officials take place during the time period of 3/6/84 -12/10/84, in an attempt to decide how and who should go further with the investigation of Scientology .


12/20/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Canadian Authorities Charge Scientologists"

Approximately twenty high ranking Church officials and former members of the Clearwater based sect have been charged with criminal offenses ranging from Theft to Possession of Property Obtained by Crimes, and Breach of Trust according to Canadian law enforcement officials.


12/27/84 Clearwater Sun: 

"Sect to Hold Fireworks"

Scheduled to take place at Coachman Park.


12/24/84 St. Petersburg Times:

"Scientologist Sue Pinellas Over Tax Status"

For the seventh year in a row the Church sued Pinellas County Property Appraiser.


12/30/84 Clearwater Sun:

"Church's Display Fire Investigation"

Fireworks display sponsored by the Church touched off three small fires. Police and fire officials will investigate.



1/85 FREEDOM, January 1985

"U.S. Condones Terrorism by Interpol Membership" 

"IRS Sought Information to Smear Whistleblower".


1/3/85 St. Petersburg Times:

"Realtor Says Sect Sought 20 Properties"

Real estate agent Albert Rogero, who was hired by the Church of Scientology said that the organization attempted to purchase about 20 north Pinellas properties in the early 1980's.


1/5/85 SR3.1 R (J-13), 85-00429

A child neglect case was initiated after citizens reported that a 5 year old child was running in traffic downtown. The investigation showed that both parents were on staff with Scientology .


1/23/85 Tampa Tribune:

"Scientologists Reveal IRS Abuses"

An article published in 1985 by Church of Scientology International.


1/29/85 Clearwater Sun:

"Skeptics Question Hubbard' s Death"

Boston attorney Michael Flynn questioned whether reports of Hubbard's death were accurate.


1/29/85 St. Petersburg Times:

"Lawmaker, Scientologist accuse IRS of harassment"

Former U. S. Representative George Hansen and the Church of Scientology charged that the IRS singles out people for investigation because of their religious and political affiliations.


2/85 Freedom Newspaper:

"National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers Announced"

"Secret Documents from IRS' Law Enforcement Manual Revealed".


2/1/85 Clearwater Sun:

"Sect Won't Talk About hush-hush Investigation"

The Church of Scientology won't name a corporation the sect claims is involved in buying downtown properties. 


2/1/85 SR3.1 R (N-17) CPD 85-02749

The German Embassy requested CPD check on the welfare of a Wolfgang Nass. They had information that the subject had contacted family and said he was not free to leave Clearwater. A subject who claimed to be Nass was located, but he had no identification. Nass later left Scientology with the aid of German Consul and CPD.


2/13/85 Clearwater Sun:

"Church Complains About Sect's Radio Override"

Calvary Baptist claimed its two way radio frequency has been invaded by Scientology security guards.


2/14/85 SR3.1 R (P-I)

A local Real Estate developer, Robert Stiff was visited by a Private Investigator, Richard Mueller. He had been hired by a Law firm in California to investigate if the City of Clearwater and local businessmen were working to keep real estate prices low.


2/14/85 The Suncoast News:

"Scientology-Canada Legal War Escalates"

Raids on Church of Scientology's Canadian headquarters in Toronto have only recently resulted in several charges and some precedent making court rulings in Canada.


02/28/85 Clearwater Sun:

"Suburbanites Salute Scientologists L. Ron Hubbard"

The Central Florida town of Eatonville has joined Dodge City, Kansas and Austin, Texas. in honoring L. Ron Hubbard.


2/28/85 SR3.1 R (U-5)

Agents Jones and Battle with the Community Relations Service of the U.S. Department of Justice visited CPD to attempt mediation between CPD and Scientology.


3/2/85 St. Petersburg Times:

"U. S. Mediators See Whether They Can Help Clearwater and Scientologists Get Along" 

Two federal conciliators, from the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service, were in Clearwater asking community leaders and City officials whether a third party is needed to smooth relations between the Clearwater community and the Church.


3/7/85 Clearwater Sun:

"Five Ways to Honor L. Ron Baby" 

An editorial.


3/8/85 St. Petersburg Times:

"Federal Office Won't Handle Scientology Conflict"

The U. S. Department of Justice decided not to intervene in the ongoing strife between the Clearwater community and the Church.


3/9/85 St. Petersburg Times:

"Hubbard Ordered to Appear, Reply to Queries on Suit"

L. Ron Hubbard has been ordered by a judge to appear and answer questions as part of a lawsuit filed by the organization. *see also Clearwater Sun


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