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About Lisa McPherson 

Fannie McPherson and her daughter, Lisa
Fannie McPherson and her daughter, Lisa

The story of Lisa McPherson's death broke in 1996, a year after she died in the Church of Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel after being held against her will for seventeen days. As the details of her tragic and senseless death began to be publicized, more and more people across the country came together through the Internet to oppose the abuses occurring in the Church of Scientology.

The Clearwater Police have released a cd of all the evidence they collected in their criminal investigation.  You can view an html version of the evidence  here.

Lisa's estate is suing the Church of Scientology Flag Services Organization and individuals for wrongful death.

LMT staff member Jeff Jacobsen was instrumental in bringing Lisa�s story to the public.

Jeff�s personal site about Lisa

Our Lisa McPherson Media Page

Photo Gallery of Lisa

Logs of Lisa's "caretakers" in her last days (24 pages, 1.2 meg.)

Summary of Lisa's "caretakers'" statements (5 pages, 633k)

handwritten logs of Lisa's "caretakers" in her last days (31 pages, 3.3. meg.)

Autopsy report of Lisa McPherson (7 pages, 765k)

Press release 12/16/96 by Scientology on Lisa's death

Lisa's Scientology expense account for 1995  

a similar criminal case to Lisa's (24 pages, 1.8 meg.)

State attorney drops criminal case against Scientology