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Volume 2-00
Michaelis 2000
Information and standpoints on religious encounters


 Basic Charter Text 2000 for European Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom

 Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000;
Robert S. Minton receives the Human Rights Award of the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA

 Not accepting that victims will be silenced. Laudatio for Robert S. Minton
by Ursula Caberta Y Diaz
  (presentation of award)

 Bob Minton's acceptance speech.

 The difference between the Alternative Charlemagne Award and the original Aachen Award  - Bob Minton or Bill Clinton? by Joe Cisar and Thomas Gandow

 Feedback from the press on the Alternative Charlemagne Award Twelve articles from German papers mentioning Bob's receipt of the award.

 Study on Brainwashing in the Scientology's penitential RPF camps

Many thanks to Joe Cisar for translating this document for us!
Please refer to Cisar's site for more information on what is happening with Scientology in Germany.

[page 2 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in
the USA (formerly the German-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom in the USA)

Basic Charter text 2000
(return to Articles Listing)

The European-American Citizen's Committee for Human
Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA (formerly the
German-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom in the USA) dedicates itself to human
rights and religious freedom in the USA and around the
world, and is involved, specifically, in the discussion on new
totalitarian organizations.

In doing this, it is led by the same spirit in which 17 million
Americans, in the 1950 dedication of the Berlin Liberty Bell,
signed their names to the words:

"I believe in the inviolability and in the dignity of
every individual person. I believe that God gave
each human being the same right of freedom.
I promise that I will combat tyranny and every
attack on freedom, wherever on earth they

Whoever finds these words too lofty or too extreme should
make themselves clear as to the counter-points of each
individual sentence: servility and defenselessness, dishonesty
and slavery. The world of gulags, concentration camps and
reeducation camps of the SO. Still we can do something
about it. In Germany and in America.

As European friends of the United States of America or as
US citizens, we are concerned that the organization
responsible for the tragic death of Lisa McPherson is trying to
damage the European-American friendship for which we have
all worked so very hard during the last decades. We wish to
express our support for the American people and the
American government in ending human rights violations
against US citizens and other people, committed by the
Scientology Organization.

Because of the staunch position the United States takes
concerning human rights worldwide, we call on the American
government to confront and stop human rights violations being
committed by Scientology and to reestablish in the country of
democracy the true freedom of life, speech, religion,
personality and pursuit of happiness, which includes:

- Freedom for everyone to speak about his experiences,
knowledge and thoughts in any organization, church or
cult, be it religious or not;
- Freedom for members of an organization, church or
cult, religious or not, to leave that organization, without
being detained, threatened or persecuted;
- Freedom from fear of being confronted with material
that a religious or therapeutic organization has obtained
through religious or spiritual counseling; Such material
should not be allowed to be used for publication,
litigation, or blackmail;
- Freedom from persecution through Copyright Laws;
such laws should not be used against members who try
to support their arguments by citing "church scriptures"
or "spiritual literature" or other texts associated with the
- Full application of law enforcement to prosecute fraud,
mental and physical abuse hidden behind the shield of
- Refusal / Withdrawal of tax exemptions for secretive
organizations, be they religious or not. Full disclosure
of past secret agreements with the IRS;
More accurate reporting by the media on cult practices.

I support the basic charter statement of the European-American Citizens
Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA and would like to
be informed of further initiatives by the committee

Name, address, profession, date, signature

Please submit to European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom in the USA, c/o DZB, Heimat 27, D-14165 Berlin - Fax +49
(0)30-845 09 640

[page 3 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000
Robert S. Minton receives the Human Rights Award
of the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious
Freedom in the USA (return to Articles Listing)

The European-American Citizens Committee for Human
Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA (formerly the
German-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom in the USA) dedicates itself to human
rights and religious freedom in the USA and around the
world, and is involved, specifically, in the discussion of new
totalitarian organizations.

In doing this, it is led by the same spirit in which 17 million
Americans, in the 1950 dedication of the Berlin Liberty Bell,
signed their names to the words:

"I believe in the inviolability
and in the dignity of every individual person. I believe that
God gave each human being the same right of freedom. I
promise that I will combat tyranny and every attack on
freedom, wherever on earth they appear."

As European friends of the United States of America and as
U.S. citizens, we are concerned by the Scientology
Organization's (SO) attacks on the human dignity and lives
not only of its members, but also of its critics.

We are dismayed that the Scientology Organization (SO) has
managed to exert its influence in U.S. politics in recent years.
The Scientology Organization is based in the United States
and is responsible for the last agonizing 17 days of Lisa
McPherson's life (USA), the financial ruin of the Aigner family
(Germany) and the tragic death of Patrick Vic (France). In
addition, we believe that the Scientology Organization (SO)
has been making an effort to damage the European-American
friendship for which so many have worked so hard in recent

There are also many people in the USA who have opposed
Scientology Organization (SO) claims to power. We have
decided to recognize U.S. citizen Robert S. Minton, chairman
of the Lisa McPherson Trust, for his accomplishments in the
battle for human rights and religious freedom in the USA with
the Human Rights Award of the European-American Citizens
Committee for Human Rights and Freedom in the USA, the
Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000.

The award will be handed over to Bob Minton on June 3,
2000 under the auspices of a festive ceremony in Leipzig, the
birth place of the East German civil rights movement.

Bob Minton, steered by his courage and sense of civil duty,
has distinguished himself in human rights in the USA and
around the world by his involvement with the persecuted
minority of former Scientology Organization (SO) members
who have been attacked by the SO, and with U.S. society,
which is at risk to the totalitarian influences of the SO.

By our recognition, we wish to show our support for the
American people and to put an end to human rights violations
which are being committed by the Scientology Organization
against citizens of the USA and other countries.

[image of Robert Minton. sub-text: Robert S. Minton with the Alternative
Charlemagne Award 2000, a sculpture of the Nicholas Church in Leipzig,
starting point of the 1989 human rights revolution in the GDR.

The Committee:
Gerry Armstrong, Canada, artist
Ursula Caberta, Director of the Work Group on Scientology, Free and Hanseatic
City of Hamburg
Prof. Claire Champollion, Linguist, Researcher and Writer, Paris, France
Joe Cisar, Cleveland, Ohio, Vietnam Veteran
Prof. Dr. Alexander Dvorkin, Moskow, Russia, Director of the St.
Rev. Thomas Gandow, Berlin, Germany, Editor Berliner Dialog
Mike Garde, Dublin, Ireland, Dialog Centre Eire
Roger Gonnet, Paris, France, Writer
Friedrich Griess, Vienna, Austria, Engineer, Presse spokesman of the
Gesellschaft gegen Kultgefahren
Tilman Hausherr, Berlin, Germany, Software developer
Ursula MacKenzie, London, Great Britain, Retiree
Solveig Prass, Leipzig, Germany, Chairwoman EBI Leipzig
Johannes Aagaard, Prof. Dr., Aarhus, Denmark, President of the Dialog Center
International (DCI)

Award Supporters:
Ellen Alkimowitsch, Leipzig, Germany, telephone operator
Geli von Allw�rden, Stuhr-Brinkum, Germany
Nick Andrew, Sydney, Australia
El Awadalla, Author, Vienna, Austria
"F. CiCilia Aychar", USA, Psychologist-Behavioural and Learning Research
AGPF -Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Betroffeneninitiativen e.V., Bonn,
Bernhard Br�njes, Chairman, Germany
Claudia Bartels, Fotografin, Schriftstellerin und Mutter, Leipzig, Deutschland
R�diger Bartels, Maler, Leipzig, Deutschland
Heike Barten, Berlin, Deutschland
William C. Barwell, Houston, Texas, USA
"Bat Child", San Diego, CA, USA, medical transcriptionist
Ralf Becker, youth care, Potsdam, Germany
Jim Beebe, Northbrook, Il, USA, professional musician, former Cult Awareness
Network staff member
Klaus Uwe Benneter, Member of the Berlin House of Representatives, State
Chairman of the Berlin SPD, Berlin, Germany
David Bird, from Birmingham/England; computer programmer
Elisabeth Bonacker, Housewife and mother of an ex-Scientologist,
Niedersachsen, Germany
Eldon M. Braun, American in Paris, Writer/editor
Stacy Brooks, Clearwater, Florida, President, Lisa McPherson Trust, USA

[page 4 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Doris Busch, Theologian, Berlin, Germany
Jim Byrd, Somerville, Massachusetts, software developer
Ingolf Christiansen, G�ttingen, Germany, Commissioner for Issues of Worldview
Rob Clark, York, Pennsylvania, USA
Paulette Cooper, New York City, author
Dialog Zentrum Berlin e.V.
Martin Dojcar, Dialog Center Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia
Katharina Doy�, Religion and Municipal Scholar, Member of the
State Board of B�ndnis 90/ The Green Party, LV Brandenburg, Germany
Hans-Peter Dreyer, Hamburg, Germany, Salesman,
Chairman of the I.BE. Hamburg
Yvonne Seifert-Dreyer, Hamburg, Germany, Sales Lady,
Acting Chairman of the I.BE. Hamburg
Birgit Ebersbach, Business Manager, EBI Sachsen, Leipzig, Germany
"Ed", CA and NY, USA; researcher and former Scientologist
Jeta Eggers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Silvia Eilhardt, Witten Sect Info, Witten, Germany
"Feadog", Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, Engineer
J. R. Ford; Springfield, Missouri, USA; Salesman
Axel Franken, Aktion Bildungsinformation Stuttgart e.V. (ABI), W�rzburg,
Freimann, Stade, Germany, Musician
J�rgen von Freymann, Oberstleutnant a.D. Hannover, Germany
Ute Gandow, Germany, Physical Therapist
David Gerard, Melbourne, Australia, computer professional
Elke Gorf, Information Group Krokodil; Weinstadt, Germany
Rev. Bartolomej G��z, Dialog Center Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia
Barb Graham, digital animator, (also Vietnam vet), USA
Martin Gurgel, EBI Sachsen, Leipzig, Germany
William G. Hagglund, Toronto Canada, Actor/Artist/political activist
Susanne Haller, Journalist, Member of Parliament of Basel-City Canton, Basel,
"Suse Hartweg", Germany, Family counselor
Dr. R�diger Hauth, Commissioner for Issues of Sects and Worldview of the
Evangelical Church of Westfalen, Dortmund, Germany
Anton Hein, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Christian apologist
Ingo Heinemann, Bonn, Germany, attorney, Chairman, AGPF
- Author of the first book about Scientology in Germany (1979)
- Website:"Scientology-Kritik")
Andreas Heldal-Lund, Stavanger, Norway, IT Manager
H. Keith Henson, Palo Alto, CA USA, Consulting Engineer
R�diger Hintze, Hamburg, Germany, Lawyer
Christel Hinz, Diplom-Bibliothekarin, Nordhausen, Germany
Deana M. Holmes, Salt Lake City, Utah, commercial real estate
Ilse Hruby-Plechl, author, Austria
Jeff Jacobsen, USA, librarian for Lisa McPherson Trust
K�the Jelitto, Hamburg, Germany
Ingvald J�ngling, Pastor emeritus, Alfeld, Germany
Charlotte L. Kates, New Brunswick, New Jersey USA, student and activist
KIDS e.V. ("Kinder in destruktiven Sekten" / "Children in destructive Cults"),
Chairwoman Jutta Birlenberg, Leverkusen, Deutschland
Klaus Kitzinger, Retiree, Bonn, Germany
Tom Klemesrud, Publisher, The Thompson Courier & Rake Register
246 S. Harrison Street, Thompson, Iowa 50478 USA
Lothar Klein, Ev. Arbeitskreis der CDU Sachsen/Dresden (EAK), Deutschland
Thomas Kling, Stuhr-Brinkum, Deutschland
Heike Kneese, Fl�gelschlag e.V., Hamburg, Deutschland
Wolfgang Kneese, Fl�gelschlag e.V., Hamburg, Deutschland
Natascha Kobitzsch, Leipzig, Germany, Student
Helke Koulakiotis, Information Group Krokodil; Weinstadt,
Germany Reverend Kurt Kreibohm, Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany
Lisa Lech, Cologne, Germany, Legal Office Manager
Dr. Helga Lerchenm�ller, Stuttgart, Deutschland, Lawyer
Arnaldo Lerma, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, Electronic technician
Dell Liebreich, USA
Renata Linn�, Dresden, Germany, Translator
Lucia Machackova, Dialog Center Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia
Eberhard Marx, Executive staff, Hamburg, Germany
Mission Interminist�rielle de Lutte contre les Sectes, Denis
Barthelemy, Le Secr�taire G�n�ral, Paris, France
Rev. J�rg Michel, Hoyerswerda, Germany
Doris M�ller, Social Worker, Walldorf, Germany
Winfried M�ller, Jena, Germany, Data Bank Administrator
Andreas Muth, Leipzig, Germany
Dagmar Muth, Leipzig, Deutschland
Manfred Neumann, Psychologist, Berlin, Germany
Elke Nietsche, Leipzig, Germany, Advertising Sales Lady
Roland Nietsche, Leipzig, Germany, Tiler
Jean Nokin, Paris, France, President of FECRIS (F�d�ration
Europ�enne des Centres de Recherche et d'Information sur le Sectarisme)
"Nukewaster", USA
Karin Paetow-Froese, Arbeitskreis Sekten, e.V., Herford, Germany
Norbert Papke, Sect Info "The helping Hand", F�rth, Germany
"Peaches", San Francisco Bay Area, USA, artist and computer person
Johanna Penzkofer, Housewife, Germany
Dr. Viola Philipp, Halle, Germany, Education Division Director
Mr. Michael Plotinkov, M.Div., St. Irinaeus of Lyon Center, Moscow, Russia
Mark Plummer, Austin, Texas, USA, Writer
"Podkayne1", Sunnyvale CA USA, Computer Scientist
Norbert Potthoff, Artist and Writer, ex-Scientologist, Krefeld, Germany
Ted Purdy, Leadville, Colorado, USA, Consultant
"Q", Freelance Illustrator/ Graphic Designer, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
John C. Randolph, California, USA, Engineer
Renate Rennebach, Member of the German Federal Parliament, Sect Political
Speaker of the SPD
Michael Reuss, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, Software Engineer
Beverly Rice, Florida, USA, Medical Assistant
David Rice, San Diego California USA, boat delivery captain
Fredric L. Rice, Glendora, California, Chairman, The Skeptic Tank
Harry Riens, Engineer, press technician and Evangelical Religious Instructor,
Berlin, Germany
Siegfried Rumbaum, Retiree, Berlin, Germany
Gisela Rusch, Berlin, Germany
Ingo Sawitzki, Leipzig, Germany, Administrative Lawyer
Helmut Schmidt, Berlin, Germany, Administrative Director
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schneewei�, Doctor and Microbiologist, Berlin, Germany
Birgit Schneider, Religion Teacher, Oelsnitz, Germany
Karl H. Schneider, Munich, Germany, Assistant Principal
Dorette Schultze, house wife, member of the Munich Parents Initiative (EI),
Isernhagen, Germany
Dr. Peter Schumann, Ev. Work Group of CDU Sachsen/Dresden (EAK), Germany
Walter Sch�tte, Journalist, member Parents Association, Munich, Germany
Jeanette Sch�rer, Business manager, Zwickau, Germany
Yvonne Sch�rer, Zwickau, Germany
Harald Senkel, Technical Staff, Laichingen, Germany
Ruth Senkel, Laichingen, Germany
Yvonne Seifert-Dreyer, Hamburg, merchant, acting chairperson
I.BE. Hamburg, Germany
Ina Stolle, executive staff, Leipzig, Germany
J�rg Stolzenberger, Information Group Krokodil; Weinstadt, Germany
Harriet Svenhard, co-founder of FRI, Sweden
(FRI is a Swedish organization for education about cults and support for
relatives and ex-members)
Martin Tettenborn, Pastor i.R., Berlin, Germany
Joachim Thewes, Goettingen, Germany
Reverend Eduard Trenkel, Commissioner for Issues of Sects and Worldview,
Kassel, Germany
Harald von Treuenfels, Berlin, Germany, Student
David VanHorn, Muncie, Indiana USA, Engineer
Pfarrer Hans-Jochen Vogel, Chemnitz, Germany
Kristi Wachter, San Francisco, CA, USA,
Computer Consultant and Human Rights Activist
Tim Walker, Tampa, Florida, USA
Liselotte Wenzelburger-Mack, Chairwoman of the EBIS Parents Association Baden
Recipient of the Federal Meritorious Cross, Gro�bettlingen, Germany
Gunar Werner, Leipzig, Germany, Founder
Kathrin Westphal, Halle, Germany
Peter Widmer, Waldegg BE, Switzerland
Margarete Wittstock, Retiree, Member of the Berlin Parents Association,
Berlin, Germany
Lawrence Wollersheim, Denver, Colorado, USA, Director, FACTNet
Kurt Zellmer, Superintendent i.R., Wittstock, Germany
Sten-Arne Zerpe, Solna, Sweden, Network Engineer
Dr. Marion Zimmermann, Halle, Germany, Education Division Director
Prof. Dr. Zinser, Professor of the History and Science of Religion, Free
University, Berlin, Germany
Ursula Z�pel, chairperson of the Elterninitiative zur Wahrung der geistigen
Freiheit e.V. Leverkusen, Germany
Anonymous - 4

Contact info:
Pseudonyms include people with family still in Scientology. or

[page 5 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Not accepting that victims will be silenced (return to Articles Listing)

Laudatio for Robert S. Minton
by Ursula Caberta Y Diaz

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Bob Minton,

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be here in Leipzig
today, and to address the European-American Citizens
Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom.

And there is a special reason for this: the place - Leipzig!

As a person who grew up in a divided Germany, it is
sometimes still incomprehensible to me that it is completely
normal now to drive to Leipzig. East Germany used to be an
area more unfamiliar to me than Spain or Denmark. I still
experience a feeling of well-being in this regard, be it in Berlin,
Schwerin, Jena or Dresden. And my joyful appreciation is
due in large measure to the people of the city of Leipzig.
These people no longer wanted the Stasi-state of the DDR;
they rose up to claim freedom of speech and freedom of
opinion to freely develop their own personalities. They made
a decision for human rights and for freedom of belief. They
have made such a large contribution to the reunification of
Germany. For this I thank you!

And it is exactly for this reason that this city is of special
significance in the granting of the alternative Charlemagne

Because it is for those ideals to which the people in Leipzig
have dedicated themselves that the Committee today bestows
the alternative Charlemagne Award.

One would really think that, in a liberal democracy with
elected representatives, in a functioning legal state, the
dangers from totalitarian organizations are rather slight. I am
actually convinced of that - and that is also how things are in
fact. A democratic state and the people who live in it have
many alternatives in defending themselves. So what happens?
Anti-democratic ideas and cynical ideals under the guise of a
supposed church appear. From a country which proclaims
personal rights of freedom such as no other in the world - the
USA. This new form of political extremism has a name:

The system of Scientology operates according to a political
ideology which jeopardizes democracies all over the world.
L. Ron Hubbard and his successor have used their
organization to create a state within a state. Scientology
proclaims the freedom of the individual, but deliberately
creates servitude. Hubbard's statements are nothing other
than operating instructions as one would find in war. They
may realize that or they may not: all methods utilized by
Scientology serve the waging of war:

- camouflage by religion
- pseudotherapeutic measures in courses and seminars
- psychomanipulative techniques in "auditing"
- presentation of self as a persecuted minority
- assimilation of celebrities for purposes of advertising and dissemination

"The war is over," announced David Miscavige after the tax
exemption agreement was reached with the IRS (U.S. tax
authorities). If proof had previously been lacking for this
theory that war is being waged, then that statement makes it
clear to all. Clear to all who want to listen.

But here in Europe we have taken note that that there are
those in the United States of America who either did not want
to listen or did not want to understand. After the
Scientology-IRS tax agreement, a number of their political
representatives - how should I put it - either without reflection
or simply uninformed, took up the war strategy of the
Scientology Organization. When Scientology began its
unspeakable campaign of defamation against the Federal
Republic of Germany which its public relations described as
the beginning of a new Holocaust, many in Germany, including
me, hoped their campaign would lead to protests. The
campaign presented not only a disparagement to
representatives of this Republic, but also an insult to the
victims of Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, however, it did not
lead to people in the USA contemplating why their country
had previously maintained a critical attitude towards

No - just the opposite: just recently, during our newly elected
Federal President Johannes Rau's visit to the USA, he was
compelled to make a statement on the Scientology
Organization. He did that - as could be read afterwards in the
"Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung" (FAZ) newspaper - very
graciously and unequivocally.

Now it is conceivable that the Germans are not far behind.
The President of the United States, Bill Clinton, will be
presented with the Charlemagne Award. An award that is
meant to distinguish people who promote democracy, human
rights and the common values of Europe.

[photo, sub-text: Ursula Caberta gives the award speech for Robert S. Minton,
photo: Claudia Bartels]

[page 6 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

It is not that I do not
wish him to have this award, but in view of the cynical
practices in Scientology, in view of the many victims of this
organization in the USA and worldwide, and in view of the
described - cautiously stated - uncritical assumption of the
Scientology Organization's arguments against European
states, like France and the Federal Republic of Germany, it is
time send a clear signal. A signal that there are also people in
the USA itself who follow the assessment of the European
states regarding the Scientology Organization. Enough to
reinforce us in Europe in our discussion and in our
informational work.

For this reason, we today bestow an alternative Charlemagne
Award. And we bestow it full of pleasure and pride in a
citizen of the United States of America who did not intend to
accept that it was possible, in his home country, for an
organization to silence all its victims and opponents. A U.S.
citizen who took action for equal rights in the U.S., who
recognized what dangers could arise for a liberal democracy
and its people from Scientology.

Dear Bob Minton, your involvement in the USA is exemplary.
Your activity - not least of all, the founding of the Lisa
McPherson Trust - has given us hope again in Europe. Hope
that it may one day be made clear in the USA how dangerous
Scientology is. Hope that the political representatives of your
country understand that totalitarian systems insidiously spread
their ideology over the heads of their manipulated members.
Probably - no, I am sure of it - it is more difficult in the States
to point out the dangers than it is in Europe; we have been
there before. Especially in Germany. Based on our past, we
know one thing: never again do we intend to live in a system
in which the dignity of a person is not respected, in which
freedom of religion and freedom of belief are restricted. This
is what would happen to the extent that Scientology reaches
its political goal of "Clear Planet," i.e., a planet purged of
people who think differently. In the USA, you are helping to
keep that from happening. For this, we would like to thank
you, to wish you strength and courage, to tell you that this
award is an expression of our respect and also that you, and
all those who defend human rights and freedom of opinion in
the USA from Scientology, can always count on us here in

[photo, sub-text: The people gathered for the award stood up for the USA
National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" and for that of Europe, "Freude,
schoener Goetterfunken." photo: Claudia Bartels]

Text of the Certificate:

On the 3rd day of June in the year 2000 in
Leipzig, Germany,
the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA presented its Human Rights Award, the Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000 to Robert S. Minton in appreciation of his involvement, led by his courage and sense of civil duty, on behalf of the victims of Scientology of his efforts towards human rights and freedom of expression in the USA and as an expression of our support for the American people in putting human rights violations by the totalitarian Scientology to an end.

For the Committee


[page 7 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

I would also be happy to help the people at the top of Scientology ... when
they leave this organization.

Speech by Robert S. Minton in Leipzig,
Germany on June 3rd, 2000 for the award of the Alternative Charlemagne Award in Leipzig, Germany at the Old Stock Exchange (return to Articles Listing)

[photo sub-text: Robert S. Minton on June 3, 2000 in the Old Stock Exchange in
Leipzig, photo: Claudia Bartels]

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Warm thanks to all the members of the
committee and to all who made this event possible.
Thank you Mrs. Caberta. I am very honored to receive the
Alternative Charlemagne Award this morning from my
esteemed colleagues of the European American Citizens'
Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom.

It is very moving to receive this award in Leipzig, where freedom
was reborn in the former East Germany.

In 1984 I crossed from West Berlin into East Germany
through Checkpoint Charlie. The vast difference between my
democratic freedoms in the United States and the Communist
Stasi-controlled GDR were extremely striking to me, and that
moment has had a lasting impact. I well remember walking
through the deserted No-Main's Land on the East Berlin side
of Checkpoint Charlie after midnight with a heavy suitcase to
a waiting State-owned taxi for the short trip to my
State-owned hotel for foreigners only.

The GDR viewed me then in very much the same way the
Scientologists view me now. I was the equivalent of a Suppressive
Person, or SP, to the GDR, and it was important for them to keep
my thoughts and information from their citizens.

Today in Leipzig, we are in the shadows of the famous St.
Nikolas Church, where the cry from freedom in East
Germany began with a handful of people that grew to
hundreds and then hundreds of thousands shouting for
freedom in the streets surrounding this very building where we
are now gathered.

Leipzig is now free, East and West Germany are now reunited
as one, and the vast majority of citizens are extremely happy
with their new-found freedom.However, not everyone in the former
East Germany or in other formerly Communist-controlled Eastern
European countries are happy with these new freedoms, just as there
are people in the United States and every other country in the world
who want someone else to make their decisions for them.

The State no longer makes life's major decisions for the
citizens in the old Eastern Europe who must now utilize their
new freedoms to become self-sufficient and self-determined
individuals. It is no accident that in such a vacuum, those
individuals who have never been willing to accept the
responsibility that freedom brings have allowed themselves to
be recruited into organizations like Scientology.

Scientology offers a replacement for the former Communist regimes
That promises real freedom while in actuality creating an apparatus
of coercion that dominates and terrorizes humans from within.

Once again, I must reiterate that Scientology is a monster with
two heads.

- First and foremost, Scientology is an aspiring
totalitarian political movement. That is really the End of the

- The religious face of Scientology is in reality nothing
more than an illusion masking its political agenda and

However, Scientology uses this religious face as a
cover to protect it from scrutiny. This is not the kind of
political animal that any democratic society has ever had to
deal with before. It has co-opted the U.S. State Department
under the guise of religious freedom to condemn Germany
and France for religious persecution against Scientology.

The American system of government is built on two major
counter-balancing principles.

- The first is the principle of democracy - the notion that the
majority should govern most
political decisions made on behalf of the country - and this
principle is imbedded in the main body of the Constitution.

- The second great principle, which is set forth in the Bill of
Rights, is the idea that the power of any group - even the
democratic majority itself - must be limited to insure individual
rights and liberties.

Throughout America's short history, there has never been any
time in which groups or even the government itself, while
egged on by extremists, hasn't tried to expand their authority
and control at the expense of individual rights and liberties.

[page 8 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Scientology is just such an extremist group that adamantly
refuses to accept the basic principles underlying the Bill of
Rights. Their outright attacks on our most fundamental
liberties threaten to do permanent damage to the Bill of Rights
which is the bedrock of America's traditions of fairness,
equality, decency and ultimately, justice. We are all in danger
from Scientology's success in cloaking itself in the mantle of
religious freedom as a means of focusing government attention
away from their human and civil rights abuses as well as their
outright manipulation of the legal process.

France and Germany have every bit as much respect for
religious freedom as the United States does. Make no
mistake that Scientologists have a right, which I would
protect, to their truly held religious beliefs. However, we all -
including France and Germany - have a right as well as a duty
to oppose what the organization of Scientology seeks,
because what the Church of Scientology seeks is the
destruction of the wall that separates church and state. What
they seek is government desecration of our basic liberties
through policies and law to advance Scientology's political
and social agendas.

In 1975 Scientology established a major headquarters in
Clearwater, Florida, and launched a program called Project
Normandy to turn Clearwater into the first
Scientology-controlled city. Thus, in deciding where to
establish the first office of the Lisa McPherson Trust, it
seemed fitting that it should be in Clearwater. We opened our
Clearwater office in January of this year, and in the nearly six
months since we have been there it has become clear just
how vital it is to have such an organization in the United

Ours is the first organization ever to be established in the
United States solely for the purpose of providing education
about the abusive and deceptive practices of the Church of
Scientology, and we have found that there is a tremendous
need amongst Scientology victims and their families for our
services. We have also seen that it is vitally important for us to
counter the efforts of Scientology in Washington, D.C., and
because of this we plan to open another office of the Lisa
McPherson Trust in Washington within the next year. The
purpose of our D.C. office will be to educate our government
about Scientology and get our government working with the
governments of Germany, France and other countries who
recognize the danger of Scientology.

We have also seen that is is crucial for us to coordinate our
actions with those of other countries, and for this reason we
plan to open offices of the Lisa McPherson Trust in Germany,
France and one or two other countries within the next year.

For myself, I was born in the United States, a free country. I
was fortunate that during my business career I was able to
acquire sizable financial resources. I did this by honest hard
work, including the work I did for the Nigerian government.
Scientology has tried to turn everything I have ever done into
something dirty, but the things they say are lies, and I will not
let their lies silence me, just as each of you in the audience
here today will not be silenced by Scientology's tactics of

Never before has Scientology had such an organized
resistance. Despite their most vigorous efforts to silence us,
we will not be stopped. We have all worked to hard for our
freedom. We will never let Scientology take it away.

Now I'm going to make this a little difficult for Reverend
Gandow [who was translating live] because I'm going to read
from the Bible. This (Bible) was given to me last night by a
friend and I would like to read a special passage which my
friend selected. It is Psalms 71 verse 13. It reads "May my
accusers perish in shame. Let those who want to harm me be
covered with scorn and disgrace." But, God is
compassionate; and the people at the top of Scientology who
perpetrate this evil are people that all of us would welcome
when they leave this organization. I would be happy to help
them too.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for this
great honor you have bestowed on me today. It is truly an
award for all of us and I shall keep it in trust for everyone
who stands up for human rights and religious freedom.

[photo sub-text: Ursula Caberta hand the human rights award of the
European-American Committee to Bob Minton. photos: Claudia Bartels

[page 9 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

The difference between the Alternative Charlemagne
Award and the original Aachen Award

- Bob Minton or Bill Clinton?

by Joe Cisar and Thomas Gandow
(return to Articles Listing)

The "Charlemagne Award" was meant to distinguish people
who promote democracy, human rights and the common
values of Europe.

Former prize winners include personalities such as Konrad
Adenauer (Germany), Winston Churchill (Great Britain),
George C. Marshall (USA), Konstantin Karamanlis (Greece),
Henry Kissinger (USA), Francois Mitterand (France), Fr�re
Roger, Communaut� de Taiz� (France), V�clav Havel (Czech
Republic) and Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands. A list of
the Aachen Charlemagne Award winners can be found at:

The prize is bestowed yearly "for the most valuable
contribution in the service of the European Union, and for
community work in the service of humanity and world peace.
The award winners were intended by the initiators of the
award to be "role models who evoke imitation."

This year, 2000, the Charlemagne award is to be given to
President Bill Clinton. Unofficial English translation of press
coverage here: and

Role model?

Opinions as to whether Bill Clinton is a suitable award winner
vary widely, even in Aachen. Unofficial English translation of
press coverage in the readers' forum of the Aachen

We believe that there are people who are better suited than
Bill Clinton to be publicly recognized for their
accomplishments in promoting freedom of opinion and a
democratic life style. Because President Clinton has, in some
respects, evoked more controversy and has not held himself
up so much as a role model. From our perspective, his liberal
attitude towards Scientology (SO) is especially controversial.

"It's important we not have [Scientologists like] Tom Cruise
or John Travolta setting foreign policy in this country," federal
House of Representatives member Doug Bereuter
(R-Nebraska) was already saying in 1997.

The first event in a series of correlations between the
Scientology Organization (SO) and Bill Clinton was also the
most effective weapon the Scientology Organization has
produced to date. Scientology was granted tax exemption by
the IRS in the first year of Bill Clinton's presidency - for
"religious" purposes.

Since that time, the Clinton administration's State Department
has continued to fault Germany and other European nations
for their critical dealing with Scientology, despite the
documented human rights abuses of Scientology in the U.S.
and abroad.

- In November 1996, Bill Clinton, President of the
United States of America, contributed to an "exclusive"
article especially for the Scientology magazine,
"Freedom." Clinton afterwards let the article appear
"exclusively" for 'Freiheit,' the Swiss Scientology
magazine, in "Ethique et Libert�" and finally in the
German edition of the Scientology propaganda
magazine under the title of "What we can do about the
drug problem" (in the "Zeit zu entscheiden" / ["Time to
decide"] edition, pp. 48).
- In 1997, Clinton's National Security Adviser, Sandy
Berger, met with actor John Travolta and other
Scientologists to discuss the German government's
attitude towards Scientology.
- According to "George" magazine 3/1998, President
Clinton met personally with Scientologist John
Travolta. Clinton praised the "educational" materials of
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard: "Your program
sounds great", and "I'd really love to help you with your
issue over in Germany with Scientology," he was
reported to have said in the "George" report.
- Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service reported on
March 21, 1997 that President Clinton honored
Scientologist Tom Cruise's requests by directing his
newly confirmed Secretary of State, Madeleine
Albright, to schedule discussions with German Foreign
Minister Kinkel about Scientology's claims of religious
persecution in Germany.

- In contrast, Secretary Albright visited China that week, but
there was no indication that Clinton asked her to address the
egregious human rights violations and systematic abduction
and execution of Christians in that totalist country.

- In a Dec. 22 1999 letter of "warm greetings," Clinton
expressed gratitude to the Scientologists for "all your
efforts to promote [religious freedom] and to build just
communities united in understanding, compassion and
mutual respect."

President Clinton's public support for Scientology is not
shared by the American people or their congressional

[photo: Joe Cisar, Vietnam veteran from Cleveland, Ohio, and publisher and
translator for "German Scientology News," reads the text of the award
certificate. photo: Claudia Bartels

[page 10 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Scientology's actors and actresses, however,
have been appearing repeatedly before the U.S. Congress
since 1997 in a concerted effort to worsen German-American
relations by adapting the Scientology mind-set. Yet every bill
they have had their captive congress people introduce has
either been defeated or has quietly died without public

A role model that evokes imitation

There is one American who not only does not share President
Clinton's predilection for Scientology, but who has
distinguished himself in resisting that group's totalitarian
tendencies. Among many, who have recognized Scientology's
mandated practice of systematic reverse religious
discrimination, there is one man who has excelled:

- in his support of freedom of speech
in accurately reporting the activities of the Scientology
Organization (SO)
- in assisting the victims of the Scientology Organization,
- including Lisa McPherson's relatives in their lawsuit
against the SO
- in having founded the Lisa McPherson Trust.

That is a man by the name of Robert S. Minton.

The Alternative Charlemagne Award

Therefore the European-American Citizens Committee for
Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA has
decided that an alternative Charlemagne Award will be
awarded to someone who has definitively furthered the cause
of democracy, freedom of opinion and freedom of conscience
by reason of his actions. The person deserving of this award
is Bob Minton.

More to read on Minton's activities:

1. US Millionaire Fights Sect -- Crusade against Scientology and

2. Bob Minton, Intrepid Representative of Sect Victims

3. A US Millionaire as a Crusader against Scientology

4. Charlotte Kates' history of Bob Minton

5. Holysmoke's history of Bob Minton


color=#800000 SIZE=2 DESIGNTIMESP="28710">

Feedback from the press on the Alternative Charlemagne Award (return to Articles Listing)

Against all expectations, the Alternative Charlemagne Award received
encouraging feedback from the press. Naturally the Scientology Organization,
as soon as it got wind of the idea, was on the spot with its Dead Agent Packs,
managing here and there to funnel its slanderous info into the news coverage.


Struggling with the sect

Berlin, Germany
May 27, 2000

U.S. American Robert S. Minton is to be distinguished with the
"Alternative Charlemagne Award" for his struggles with the Scientology
sect. The 53-year-old man is the chairman of the "Lisa McPherson Trust."
The presentation will take place on June 3 in Leipzig's old stock exchange.


Badische Neueste Nachrichten

Alternative Charlemagne Award for
Scientology Critic from the USA

Leipzig, Germany
May 31, 2000
Badische Neueste Nachrichten (Karlsruhe)

by Achim Winkel

Karlsruhe/ Leipzig. On Friday in Aachen, U.S. President Clinton will be
presented with the Charlemagne Award "for the most worthwhile
contribution in the service of the European unification and community work,
in the service of humanity and world peace." Another award, however, will
be casting long shadows in the forefront of the solemn occasion. On
Saturday in Leipzig, the "Alternative Charlemagne Award" will be
bestowed - and there is a direct connection to the "original" for Bill
The recipient of the "Alternative Charlemagne Award" is Robert "Bob" S.
Minton, a millionaire banker from the U.S. State of New Hampshire.

For years the 53-year-old man has been dedicating himself to the struggle
against the controversial Scientology Organization. The arrangers of the
"Alternative Charlemagne Award," which consists of noteworthy sect
critics called the "European-American Citizens Committee for Human
Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA" would also like to give Clinton a
sign. That he is regarded as expressly friendly to Scientology: one of the
first actions which happened in his term was that the Internal Revenue
Service (IRS) exempted the organization from taxes because the
organization allegedly had "religious character." Rumors that the IRS was
coerced cannot be quashed.

Clinton also received prominent U.S. Scientologists (such as the actors
John Travolta and Tom Cruise) and promised them that he would urge that
the rights of religious minorities be observed, mainly in Germany. By that
was meant Scientology, and Clinton's actions even today still have brought
diplomatic friction with them. Bob Minton, in comparison, has been
attracting a little attention in the USA. Minton is the Chairman of the "Lisa
McPherson Trust": he intends to see that Lisa McPherson's mysterious
death is cleared up; she died almost five years ago. In December 1995, a
36-year-old woman was delivered to a hospital in the north of Clearwater,
the Scientology stronghold in Florida. However the woman, Lisa
McPherson, was already dead - died of dehydration. Her autopsy showed
that she had not received water for days. In addition her emaciated body
exhibited bruises, insect bites and scrapes - indices of an unnatural death.

Circumstances surrounding Lisa McPherson's death are still coming to light
- circumstances that indicate considerable complicity on the part of
Scientology (Lisa McPherson allegedly wanted out of the organization) and
which have cause a rethinking to occur, mainly in the USA. While that is
alarming for the organization in Germany, where it is under surveillance by
Constitutional Security, over there it is business as usual for them. The
"Alternative Charlemagne Award," even if it is being bestowed in Leipzig,
can still enliven the discussion about Scientology even in far-off America.

[page 11 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Accusation: Scientology is conducting a
hate campaign against award winner

Opponent of the organization Bob Minton gets
Alternative Charlemagne Award

Berlin, Germany
May 31, 2000
IDEA Nr. 68/2000
(Ev. Nachrichtendienst "Informationsdienst der Ev. Allianz" Deutschland)

Berlin (idea) - The American Scientology organization is apparently ready
to carry out a hate campaign against the award winner of this year's
Alternative Charlemagne Award, Scientology critic and U.S. millionaire
Bob Minton. That was told to "idea" on May 31 by the Sects and
Weltanschauung Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in
Berlin-Brandenburg, Reverend Thomas Gandow. "With incriminating
accusations associated with business dealings, the Scientologists are trying
to make an anti-Minton campaign out of an anti-Scientology gathering "
said Gandow, who is a member of the Award Committee. Minton, who
openly opposes the Scientology Organization, is being placed in
counter-point to U.S. President Bill Clinton, who receives the "real"
Charlemagne Award in Aachen. For instance, Clinton authored an
exclusive article for the "Freedom" Scientology magazine and was said to
have expressed praise for Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's programs
at a meeting with Scientologist John Travolta. In contrast, Minton, who
receives the Alternative Charlemagne Award on June 3 in Leipzig, founded
the "Lisa McPherson Trust," an organization which opposes Scientology.


Over Scientology:

Criticism of the Charlemagne Award for U.S. President

Hamm, Germany
June 1, 2000
neue bildpost, Nr. 23, pg. 1

by Bernd Evers

Contention over the presentation of the Aachen Charlemagne Award: this
year the valued distinction will go to the President of the United States,

"It's OK to have a different opinion in regards to Clinton's political
accomplishments or his personal conduct," said Reverend Thomas
Gandow, Sect Commissioner of the Evangelical Church for

As concerns his attitude towards Scientology, however, there is no doubt:
"Never before has a government done so much lobbying for Scientology,"
stressed Gandow.

It is not just that the organization received tax exemption in the first year
Clinton's term; Clinton's State Department continually blames Germany and
other European states for dealing with Scientology in a critical manner. As
a reaction to the presentation of the Charlemagne Award, the
European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious
Freedom will be giving out an Alternative Charlemagne Award: banker
Robert Minton, who supports Scientology victims in legal proceedings
against the organization, will receive it.


[photo sub-text: The Leipzig Brass Quartet performed the classical music
arrangements of the award ceremony with pieces from Mozart and Beethoven,
along with the anthems and the instrumental accompaniment to the assembly's
singing of "We shall overcome."


Dispute involves millionaire Minton

A citizens committee squares off with Scientology in
and gives out the first Alternative Charlemagne Award

[*Dresden, Germany
June 2, 2000
S�chs. Zeitung Dresden

*Dresden is the capitol city of Saxony, where Leipzig is located. Leipzig's
population is greater than that of Dresden.]

by Thomas Schade

Today, U.S. President Bill Clinton receives the Aachen Charlemagne
Award. This distinction will also put Leipzig into the limelight a little bit.
Because tomorrow at 11 a.m. in the Old Stock Exchange in the City of
Fairs [Leipzig] an Alternative Charlemagne Award will be given out for the
first time, presented by the "European-American Citizens Committee for
Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA," which has specifically
taken on totalitarian groups and sects. Their members include sect
commissioner Ursula Caberta from Hamburg and Thomas Gandow from
the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg. It is possible there will be a
confrontation in Leipzig. That is because the citizens committee, which was
previously not well-known, concerns itself with a widely feared sect, with

The dispute was sparked by the first recipient-to-be of the alternate award,
multi-millionaire Robert Minton. The 53-year-old U.S. American will
receive the award, because he "had earned it with his involvement, which
was directed by courage and civic duty, in society in the USA, which is at
risk to the totalitarian Scientology Organization," as the basis read. Minton
is regarded as a significant Scientology opponent. He finances victims and
former members who disagree with the sect in court. He allegedly has
already expended about three million dollars in his campaign. It is said that
Minton transferred over 200,000 marks to an attorney's office in
Clearwater. The office intends to obtain damages from the sect of $144
million in connection with the death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. The
36-year-old woman died under conditions which have not been explained.
Because Minton openly criticizes the sect, it has formed a front against his
award in Leipzig. Top German sect members sent an open letter on May
29 to the bishops of the Evangelical State Churches in Berlin-Brandenburg
and Saxony.

A demonstration is not out of the question

It was demanded of Berlin Bishop Wolfgang Huber that Sect
Commissioner Gandow be immediately dismissed. He amounts to the
"spiritus rector" of the Leipzig arrangement. The letter said that the Saxon
state church should "distance itself from the procedure" and not take part in
the award. The sect called Minton "an international con man who caused
massive harm ... in Nigeria." It was said that the American became rich
when he was deeply involved in the restructuring of debt in developing
countries. It was also alleged that 12 billion marks disappeared out of over
200 foreign bank accounts and that Minton was "the main string-puller," as
Scientology claimed.

The sect has been rather busy trying to obstruct the gathering. Scientology
spokesman Georg Stoffel from Munich verified that it had been explained
what was planned there for the people responsible for the Old Stock
Exchange [site of the award] and for the Auerbachs Keller [site of the
reception]. He did not rule out a morning demonstration on Saturday.

Thomas Gandow from Berlin reacted calmly to the accusations. He said
that, after all, Clinton had received his award in spite of his affair with
Monica Lewinsky.


[photo sub-text: Behind Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks are standing, from left:
Gerry Armstrong, Canada; Prof. Alexander Dvorkin, Russia; Andrea Kuepker,
Germany; Rod Keller, publisher of "ARS weekin review" photo: Claudia Bartels


[page 12 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]


No criticism of Clinton's life-style

Dresden, Germany
June 3, 2000
S�chs. Zeitung Dresden

Dresden. Responding to the SZ article "Dispute involves Millionaire
Minton" of June 2, page 2, the sect commissioner of the Evangelical
Church in Berlin-Brandenburg, Thomas Gandow, said, "The presentation
of the 'Alternative Charlemagne Award' concerns civil rights activist and
philanthropist Bob Minton and his involvement against Scientology. What
we are reacting to is the bestowal of the Aachen Award to U.S. President
Bill Clinton, who is being criticized for his support of Scientology. I was
not making implications about the life-style of the U.S. President" (SZ)


The new uprising for Scientology

Hamburg, Germany
June 2, 2000
Hamburg Abendblatt

by Ernst-Gerhardt Scholz

What's good enough for Clinton is good enough for Minton. Both have
received a Charlemagne Award.

Bill the President received the international award and Bob the Banker
received the alternative award. The former from the hands of Aachen
Mayor Juergen Linden, the latter one day later in Leipzig from Ursula Caberta.

To keep things in perspective, this Alternative Charlemagne Award has
something to do with Scientology. Not only that, but Caberta is the
Director of the Hamburg Interior Agency's work group which is involved
exclusively with that controversial organization.

At the same time, she is also a prominent member of the
"European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious
Freedom in the USA" which is backing this award. And why, of all people,
to Robert S. Minton, who people call "Bob"? Answer: because the
Scientologists obviously see someone who has grown into an opponent
who is to be taken seriously in this U.S. millionaire businessman. From his
perspective, Scientology's being a "totalitarian movement," thereby
"working against democracy," appears to be less momentous than the fact
that he has to carry on his battle against Scientology in the USA himself.
Over there virtually limitless tolerance is applied to all possible movements,
religious or otherwise.

Scientologists have had to live with the resistance from Germany for years.
The success of the information campaigns of sect commissioners and - not
least of all - Ursula Caberta can be measured not only by the number of
people leaving Scientology, but also by the organization's apparently poor
financial situation. "They are practically bankrupt and can only keep their
heads above water with financial injections from the USA," said Caberta
recently at an Interior Agency press conference in which Bob Minton also
lambasted the image presented by Scientology of "peace, joy and
cupcakes." He said that Scientology was anything but a church, was cynical
and would destroy anyone who got in its way.

After Minton said that, it rained Scientology press releases and a flood of
open letters was directed at the Interior Agency. All with one goal: to
discredit Minton and Caberta with him. That is one of the methods which
Scientology has for handling discussion.

For instance, Minton was accused of being an "unscrupulous
money-grubber" who "personally lined his pockets with several tens of
millions of dollars under the regime of the former military dictatorship in
Nigeria - while the population starved."

Kurt Weiland, chief of Scientology's intelligence agency, which they call
"Office for Special Affairs (OSA)," did not let the opportunity slip to write
Hamburg Interior Senator Hartmuth Wrocklage from Los Angeles and
demand that Caberta be dismissed. He said that what she was doing was a
"continuation of the Inquisition"; he said she hunted people down,
destroyed their existence and was bringing shame, not only upon Hamburg,
but upon all of Germany. He said that Caberta, who "gave con-men like
Robert Minton the seal of approval from the Hamburg Interior Agency"
was "out of place."

Minton does not dispute having discretely and for a profit bought back,
with a partner, $4.5 billion of foreign debt on commission of the Nigerian
administration. Nor that they made a profit with a nominal value of 1
percent ($45 million).

[page 13]

What he does not agree with are: the numbers being cited far in excess of
that, assertions that anything was fraudulent, that he is being investigated
in any way, that bank accounts have been closed or that he profited from oil
prices which rose during the Gulf War. He will do in Germany what he has
already done in France - sue Scientology for slander.

All that, however, is only coincidental to the members and supporters of
the Alternative Charlemagne Award committee. For them, only one thing
counts: Bob Minton is better suited than Bill Clinton for being publicly
recognized for supporting freedom of opinion and a democratic life-style.
Specifically, they disagree with Clinton's "liberal" attitude towards

Ursula Caberta also finds that the President, in the twilight of his term,
"gives the impression" of being a "Scientology puppet." Bob Minton, on the
other hand, was said not to share the President's "strange predilection."

Seen that way, the Scientologists' excitement is understandable.


Alternative Charlemagne Award for sect opponent

Leipzig, Germany
June 3, 2000
Der Tagesspiegel

Jan-Martin Wiarda

The way the initiators picture it, it is more honest than the famous original:
the "Alternative Charlemagne Award" which will be bestowed today by the
"European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious
Freedom in the USA" one day after the official Charlemagne Award. "By
holding this ceremony, we intended to give a sign that, in spite of the
Clinton administration, there are people in America who think differently
and who do not swim with the Scientology tide," said Thomas Gandow,
Sect Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg and
member of the citizens committee.

Clinton, who received the official Charlemagne Award in Aachen yesterday
for his merits in humanity and world peace, was said to have met with
celebrity Scientologist John Travolta in the last few years, and to even have
authored an article in a magazine for the controversial community.
Therefore the Committee regards the U.S. President as anything but
deserving of distinction and now wants to honor the American Scientology
opponent and investment banker, Robert Minton, with the "Alternative
Charlemagne Award."

Scientology went on the offensive and brought serious accusations against
Minton: a letter to Berlin Bishop Wolfgang Huber alleged that Minton had
been involved in illegal money-laundering deals, "aided and abetted by a
former military dictatorship and notorious human rights violators in Nigeria."
In this manner, the investment banker was said to have bought back
Nigerian debt at cheap prices on the world market on commission from
Nigeria and without knowledge of credit bankers, causing damages in the
amount of hundreds of millions.

Thomas Gandow described Scientology's accusations as false. He said the
"Lisa McPherson Trust," of which Minton is the chairman, helps victims of
Scientology make their claims in court. He also said that Scientology has
been using its accusations for years in a campaign of slander against
Minton. The debt transactions were said to have taken place, but it served
nothing other than the interest of the Nigerian people. "In no case did
Minton profit unduly."

Nevertheless, there is doubt about Minton's credibility. "Transparency
International," an international organization which fights corruption,
confirmed, without naming names, that criminal actions occurred in
connection with Nigerian debt transfers. These accusations have also
caused upset in the church administration. "We are conducting our own
investigations," said Provost Karl-Heinrich Luetcke. "If it should turn out
that there is anything to these accusations, then that would be an annoying
win on points for Scientology."


Leipzig (dpa) - The U.S. American Robert Minton received the first
Alternative Charlemagne Award in Leipzig. In doing this, the
European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious
Freedom in the USA honored Minton's involvement in support of the
victims of Scientology. The Committee intended to create an alternative to
the bestowal of the Charlemagne Award to U.S. President Bill Clinton.
>From the Committee's point of view, Clinton's liberal attitude towards
Scientology is controversial.


Robert S. Minton

Frankfurt, Germany
June 3, 2000
Frankfurter Rundschau

The US American banker will be distinguished this Saturday with the
"Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000". Minton is receiving the
unremunerated award for his struggle against the Scientology organization,
stated the "European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom in the USA" in Berlin. Minton is said to have provided
Scientology victims with financial and legal assistance. The award was a
reaction to the presentation of the Aachen Charlemagne Award to U.S.
President Clinton, who allegedly openly supports the Scientology
Organization. (kna)


[page 14 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000]

Alternative Charlemagne Award for Robert Minton

Leipzig, Germany
June 3, 2000
Leipziger Volkszeitung (pg. 2)

Leipzig (dpa). U.S. American Robert Minton received the Alternative
Charlemagne Award 2000, which was presented on Saturday in Leipzig
for the first time. In doing this, the European-American Citizens Committee
for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA intends to publicly
appreciate Minton's involvement on behalf of the victims of the Scientology

The unremunerated human rights award is in the form of a sculpture of the
Leipzig Nikolas Church created by Leipzig artist Ruediger Bartels. The
Award is intended to be an alternative to this year's presentation of the
Aachen Charlemagne Award to U.S. President Bill Clinton. From the
Committee's point of view, there is reason to dispute Clinton's liberal
attitude towards Scientology. In advance of the bestowal of the human
rights award to Minton, the Scientology Organization has resorted to
accusing him of complicity with former military dictators and notorious
human rights violators in Nigeria. He was also said to have "defrauded
banks in Europe and the USA with illegal money-laundering deals." Minton
has rejected these allegations.


First Alternative Charlemagne
Award goes to American
Scientology Critic

Leipzig, Germany
June 5, 2000

U.S. President Bill Clinton received the Charlemagne Award in Aachen on
Friday. For his involvement in matters of peace, freedom and democracy.
On Saturday the 1st Alternative Charlemagne Award was given out in
Leipzig - criticism of Clinton and the USA. Reason: their liberal attitude
towards the Scientology sect.

Clinton's fellow citizen, Robert Minton, received the (unremunerated)
award for his effort on behalf of victims of the sect. It was bestowed by the
European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom. The basis of the award stated, "Minton recognized what
dangers can arise for people and for liberal democracy through

The Alternative Charlemagne Award will now be presented annually."


[pages 15 - 18]

page 19 BERLINER DIALOG 2 - 2000 - Michaelis 2000

Study on Brainwashing in the Scientology's penitential RPF camps (return to Articles Listing)

On October 24, 2000 the Berlin Dialogue Center, together with the
European-American Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in
the USA, hosted a press conference in the cathedral in Berlin on the
topic of: penitential camps and human rights violations in the
Scientology Organization. At the conference Prof. Stephen Kent,
University of Alberta, Canada, presented his study on Scientology's
penitential and re-education camp (RPF: Rehabilitation Project Force).
According to Prof. Kent's findings, the totalitarian psycho-organization
has private penitential camps in the USA, Great Britain and Denmark. In
these camps members who do not keep the standards of the Scientology
organization are punished and, according to Prof. Kent's findings, are
subjected to regular "brainwashing."

The study by the Canadian religion sociologist about human rights violations
in Scientology's penitential camps is being printed by the Hamburg State
Interior Agency as a booklet.

The German-language booklet and the English version is available in pdf
format from:
or htm from:

The American Stacy Brooks, herself formerly a member of Scientology and inmate
of an RPF camp, reported on her personal experiences which included punitive
measures such as heavy physical labor and Hubbard's "study courses."

Robert S. Minton, a US millionaire who was distinguished with the "Alternative
Charlemagne Award 2000" for his efforts on behalf of the victims of
Scientology, reported on the Lisa McPherson Trust which he established and on
his goal, together with Dell Liebreich, the aunt of the deceased woman, to
explain by means of civil law the death of Lisa McPherson, an American woman
who lost her life five years ago under Scientology "care." In addition to that
the Lisa McPherson Trust is also concerned about ending the continuing human rights violation of the Scientology Organization.

Ursula Caberta y Diaz, director of the Interior Agency's Scientology Task
Force of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg pointed out activities by the
Scientology organization intended at worsening European-American
relationships. In connection with the French government denying the
Scientologists permission to march through Paris, she praised France's
involvement in the European discussion with the Scientology organization.

The spokeswoman for the European-American Committee for Human Rights and
Religious Freedom in the USA, Solveig Prass of the Parents Involved Initiative
against Psychic Dependency, Sachsen, Inc. announced the Alternative
Charlemagne Award would also be presented in 2001. (see below).

[image] subtext: Press conference in the cathedral. from left, sitting: Stacy
Brooks, LMT Clearwater; Julia Bronder, Cultinfo New York; Prof. Stephen Kent,
Canada; Ursula Caberta photo: Ute Gandow

Continuing Education for church decision-makers

On the afternoon of October 24, 2000 the Berlin Dialogue Center, together with
Wichern publishing, hosted a seminar in the Evangelical Center on Georgenkirch
Street, the church admin offices of the Evangelical Church in
Berlin-Brandenburg , for church staff and decision-makers on the theme of
"Scientology - Challenge for Church and State in a new form of

The reason for the session, staffed with experts and called on short notice':
after the most recent Scientology slander campaign against the Berlin sect
commissioner, Rev. Thomas Gandow (among other things Scientologists scoured
files in the press archive of the Berlin consistory for material incriminating
to Gandow and made accusations of corruption against him in the Evangelical Church Diocese office in Hannover), a church leader wrote him in self-critical language, "I can't get over the feeling that we church people in offices do not have enough information about
the activities of the Scientology people."

Discussion took place under the moderation of Wolfgang Fietkau of Wichern
publishing, publisher of the BERLINER DIALOG magazine, and Rev. Thomas Gandow,
church commissioner on issues of sects and weltanschauung on the themes:
"Churches and political institutions as targets of the SO"; "Experiences with
the SO - Infiltration into state agencies and others" [SO: Scientology
Organization]; "Human Rights Violations and SO penitential camps"; "Black
Propaganda and Dead-Agenting" with

- Prof. Dr. Stephen Kent, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
- Stacy Brooks, formerly on staff of OSA, the Scientology
intelligence agency, and inmate of a penitential camp, called
RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) by Scientology.
- Robert S. Minton, founder of the Lisa McPherson Trust and bearer
of the Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000
- Ursula Caberta, director of the Interior Agency's Scientology Task
Force of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
- Solveig Prass, business manager of the Parents Involved Initiative,
Sachsen, Inc.

Also in 2001:

European-American Citizens Committee Award

This year's human rights award to US citizen Bob
Minton, the Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000 from
the European-American Citizens Committee for Human
Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA, has met with
great resonance on both sides of the Atlantic.

The committee which bestowed the award is concerned
with violations, especially those by the Scientology
organization, against human rights and religious freedom.
Scientology's headquarters is located in the USA. In
recent years, the totalitarian Scientology organization has
been able to carry out its operations there, presumably
with official government support (such as tax exemption
and diplomatic activities).

The Committee has decided to again bestow this honor
as early as 2001 to some deserving individual who has
distinguished him- or herself in the trans-Atlantic aspect
of the discussion with Scientology about human rights
and religious freedom.

The committee is currently deliberating
recommendations. In January 2001, an award recipient
will be selected and announced.

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