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Scientology-related court cases in Germany

Berlin State court Decision of March 27, 2001
in Minton V. Church of Scientology et al. - In the matter of libelous information printed about Minton in Freiheit. Scientologist defendants to pay 500,000 DM or 6 months in jail.

Freiburg Administrative Court decision of June 6, 1994,
Scientology Community of Freiburg vs. City of Freiburg - Public Codes Office, in the matter of Order denying use of street

Karlsruhen Administrative Court decision of January 22, 1996, Scientology Mannheim vs. Karlsruehe Executive Presidium (Regierungspraesidum), regarding obligation to report commercially

Superior Administrative Court decision of October 15, 1996,
decision of December 8, 1995, Chick Corea v. State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, negligence, revocation, and identification

Karlsruhe Administrative Court decision of October 28, 1996,
Scientology Church Karlsruhe Mission  vs. State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Also included was a "Representative of the Public Interest", concerning withdrawal of legal capacity

Stuttgart Administrative Court decision of November 10, 1998, Dianetics Stuttgart Scientology Church, Inc. vs.
Stuttgart State Capitol
- Office of Public Ordinances, in the matter of prohibiting use of street

Freiburg Administrative Court decision of June 6, 1994,
The reason the decision concerning the fine was overturned.