Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The church reacts to the Lisa page
From: cultxpt@globalcrossing.net
Date: 18 Feb 1997 19:29:05 -0700

The Lisa McPherson Memorial Page at http://www.lisamcpherson.org/cos/lisa.htm went public January 13. On January 19 I went to a lunch with 2 Scientologists who had invited me. There I was accused of being a liar, murderer, and bomber. The Scientologists mostly wanted me to stop calling for pickets, mellow out my Scientology web page, and drop the Lisa McPherson page.

Today, Eugene Martin Ingram was in South Dakota visiting my father's stores and asking the clerks if they recognized a photo of me or knew me. Ingram is a private investigator employed by Scientology.

Also today, I was warning my neighbors that there might be private investigators hanging around the area again. One neighbor then told me that 2 women were picketing my house a few nights ago about 9:30pm. The neighbors told the women to leave or they'd call the police, and they left. The Scottsdale police told me that there is a law against picketing in a residential area here. It appears that the church doesn't like the Lisa page and is applying pressure on me.


Tonight as every Friday night I went to my dj'ing job at the All Singles Dances, held at different local hotels. About 7:30 the cashier arrived and told me that it looked like picketers were walking toward the hotel. Since my house had been picketed last Saturday I thought this might happen so I had brought my camera along. I went out to see about 20 or so people walking along the hotel property next to a busy major street (speed limit there about 45 mph). I remember 2 signs; one said "Jacobsen sued his family!" and another said "Jacobsen sells XXX rated videos." I asked the guy holding the first sign what that meant since I had never sued anyone in my life. He said "you'll have to ask that guy" pointing up ahead to someone or other. I guess he didn't even know what his own sign was about!

My father has video rental stores in South Dakota, one of which won an award for best store in the state. He does rent x-rated videos, as well as Disney and everything else in between. I think he may have sued his sister once, so apparently the picket was aimed at my dad. Russell Shaw, a local Scientologist that I know by sight, was picketing. He said "Jeff I have something for you" and he pulled out some papers. I declined and he said "but this is what you wrote!" I still declined and ran back in to get ready for the dance (I was actually a little late getting started because I took time to photograph the picketers).

Now the strange thing is, my dad has never done anything with, to, by or about Scientology in his life. So why were they picketing my dad's business with signs about him? Of course, because of me. This is more pressure applied to me because of the Lisa McPherson page, I believe. Since I put that page up Jan. 13 the church has had an avid interest in me, taking me to lunch and accusing me of being a bomber and murderer, picketing my house, sending Ingram to my father's South Dakota businesses. I consider this picket tonight another example of retaliation for that page.

Do you see what they're doing? Rather than address what is on that page, they go after my family! Can you think of anything more despicable? What's next, picket my mom? My sister? If I'm saying something wrong, go after what I'm saying. Only Mafia-types - and Scientologists, apparently - go after someone's family.

I took about 12 photos so you can see what their signs said.

Anyway, the Radisson hotel was all in a huff about the picketers, with security people running all over. I had to be working, of course, but I heard that after about 45 minutes of picketing the hotel called the police. The police told the picketers they were interfering with the hotel driveway (they had been marching right through the entryway) and also were distracting traffic and setting up a situation where someone driving by would likely be rear-ended while trying to read the signs. So the picketers left. I don't like helping the church out, but it would be wise of you in the future to work with the police before picketing somewhere so you can get things like that straightened out ahead of time. Also, it might be good if the picketers KNEW WHY THEY WERE PICKETING! Jeez, where did you get these people, off the street? And, perhaps you should picket the person you are upset at instead of his family. It just makes you look like thugs, really.

April 8, 1997

Last Saturday I saw http://www.dancris.com/~rshaw, which is an excellent example of Scientology "dead agenting." Dead agenting is an attempt to smear a critic so badly that no one will listen to him anymore. Phoenix realtor Russell Shaw's page attempts to dead agent me, but it seems to be mostly libelous false statements about my dad. So we have the Church of Scientology attacking a critic's family in order to silence the critic. I thought only the Mafia went after peoples' families, but now here is a "church" doing it.

And by the way, I am NOT a member of the KKK.

Phoenix New Times cover story on how Scientology has harassed me

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