Examples of Protest Signs from Martin Luther King March, January 20, 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona
[photos from 2/15/03 anti-war rally in Phoenix here]
[photos from 3/8/03 anti-war rally in Phoenix here]


Can you read these? Could you read them driving by in a car? Just too many words, no matter who said them. 6 words max. is about the limit.

Here's a good comparison. The sign on the left is easy to read and gives a quick message. The sign on the right may be brilliant, but if nobody can read it except the person walking behind you, what's the point?

You have to remember, there are people all around you when you are protesting, even behind you! Half your audience is lost if you only have a one-sided sign.

Here's a good variety. Note the web site... good idea. A humorous "don't delete my dating pool" makes a memorable point in only 5 words. And there's another darn novel!

A nice banner, identical t-shirts, looks good. A few signs and you've got it made.

This is a car windshield sunscreen that's made out of folded up cardboard. The guy just bolts on a stick in back and voila! Easy to transport.

Women in Black never speak when they're in costume, they beat a drum slowly. They walk slowly. Quite an effect.

Women in Black also carry these dummies around. Again, quite memorable.

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