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About Clearwater 


photograph of Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, Florida
Fort Harrison Hotel,
Clearwater, FL

Since 1975, downtown Clearwater, Florida has been a Mecca for the Church of Scientology. The Lisa McPherson Trust is located in downtown Clearwater, right in the center of the Scientologists zone. We'll be bringing you more information on Clearwater and it's relationship with the Church of Scientology.

You can see the LMT and Scientology properties in a virtual tour of Clearwater; learn about Scientology properties and their tax-exemption status and view some of Scientology's security cameras  - there are over 100 of them watching Clearwater citizens.

Scientology/Clearwater relations have produced a lot of media, police, and city attention.  See the Clearwater police department's Emmons Report Index for a summary of such items. 


For additional information on Clearwater, check out the local papers:

St. Petersburg Times

Tampa Tribune



And view the entire 1982 Hearings on Scientology at LMT Media.