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Meet Maria Pia Gardini

Letter to LMT from Scientology attorney, Kendrick Moxon

Presented by Stacy Brooks
March 1, 2001

February 2, 2001

Stacy Brooks, President
Lisa McPherson Trust. Inc.
33 North Fort Harrison Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33755

Re: Inducement to Breach Contract with Maria Pia Gardini

Dear Ms. Brooks:

If you are represented by counsel concerning this matter, please forward this letter to your attorney.

I am advised that your company and its employees have sought to encourage, induce and assist Maria Pia Gardini to violate the expressed terms of a contract entered into with the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization. We have a witness who states that your company paid the expenses for Ms. Gardini to come to this country and that your company struck a deal with her to collect 10 percent of any money that Ms. Gardini may be successful in coercing from the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization. In apparent confirmation of the fact that Ms. Gardini was flown to Clearwater by your company, she was seen publicly near Church property in the company of yourself; the Executive Vice President of LMT, Jesse Prince; and LMT employee, Teresa Summers.

As you and your employees Jesse Prince and Theresa Summers know, Ms. Gardini entered into a settlement agreement with the Church in 1995 in which she received a repayment of donations made to the Church and in which she agreed, as a consideration thereof, to relinquish any claim to further payments from the Church. Any actions or encouragement on your part to assist Ms. Gardini to coerce payment from the Church would constitute inducement to breach the agreement.

In the settlement Ms. Gardini also agreed to forbear from disseminating, privately or publicly, whether true or false, real or presumed or invented, her alleged experiences in the Church. Since Ms. Gardini has associated herself with your hate group, I can only assume that she has been encouraged to disseminate or that you will disseminate false, derogatory and/or misleading allegations from her regarding the beliefs or practices of the Scientology religion and/or FSO. Such conduct would he an expressed violation of the agreement.

Please be advised that the Church takes these matters seriously, and that if it receives credible evidence of inducement to breach Ms. Gardini's agreement, it will pursue appropriate legal avenues for damages from your company and from the individual employees involved.

Kendrick H. Moxon

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