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Bob Minton

photo of bob minton
Bob Minton is a 54 year old retired investment banker from Boston and Sandown, New Hampshire, who became a critic of Scientology in early 1995 after one of Scientology's attorneys tried to cancel a newsgroup on the Internet on which critics of Scientology were posting.

Starting in March, 1996, he began committing substantial financial resources to oppose what he calls the evil abusive, deceptive and harassive tactics used by Scientology to suppress its members and critics. To date, Bob has committed over $4 million of his own funds to defend himself against Scientology's campaign to destroy him, and to assist others in their opposition to Scientology.

Bob's crusade has caused Scientology to label him their Public Enemy number 1. His work has been extensively documented in the media through NBC Dateline, A&E, SAT1-TV in Germany, The New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, Baltimore Sun, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, St. Petersburg Times, and the Detroit News.

In January, 2000, Bob Minton opened a Scientology watchdog group in Clearwater, Florida where Scientology maintains their worldwide "spiritual" training center. He called it the Lisa McPherson Trust in honor of a 36-year-old victim of Scientology who died after a seventeen-day stay at Scientology's headquarters in Clearwater. Although Scientology successfully intimidated the Pinellas County medical examiner into changing her autopsy report, thereby causing a criminal case against Scientology for her death to be dismissed, Bob is funding a wrongful death lawsuit that the family of Lisa McPherson has brought against Scientology.

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