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Meet the LMT

Mark Bunker

photo of Mark Bunker
Mark is Multi-Media Coordinator of the LMT.

After reading about Scientology on the Internet, Mark developed a desire to inform others about its management's harmful practices.  He brings years of Los Angeles entertainment industry experience to LMT media's video productions.

Beginning in 1997, Mark anonymously produced RealVideo of network broadcasts for various websites.

After meeting Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks in January 1999, he created his own website,

Armed with the patented MintonCam, Mark covers the world of Scientology, showing first-hand experiences with its tactics and personal interviews of those affected by it.  From revenge pickets to bull baiting and beyond, he documents the behavior of the Office of Special Affairs.


While in Chicago filming an interview with two dentists who were trying to obtain a large refund from Scientology, a bizarre attempt was made by Scientology to set Mark Bunker up on criminal charges. Months later, Mark was acquitted of all charges. Read the trial transcripts!

Mark spoke before the Clearwater City Commission in March, 2001. Watch the event on video.

You can reach Mark at

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