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Meet the LMT

Stacy Brooks

photo of Stacy Brooks
Stacy is President of the Lisa McPherson Trust.
She spent nearly fifteen years working in the upper levels of Scientology management in Los Angeles.
Since leaving the organization in 1989, Stacy has exposed the abuse and deception of Scientology on such television programs as 60 Minutes and Dateline, and has spoken on the subject at a number of conferences.
She has served as an expert consultant on many court cases involving Scientology.

In the eleven years since she left, Stacy has helped hundreds of people recover from the abuse and deception of Scientology.
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Affidavit in the Steve Fishman case, January 03, 1994.
Click here to view this document in PDF format.

Affidavit in Fishman case, March 09, 1994
Click here to view this document in PDF format.

Excerpt of Stacy's testimony at the February 2001 LMT Injunction trial in Florida. (Note: Complete transcripts can be seen at the "Clearwater 13" Injunction trial page

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