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Meet the LMT

Jeff Jacobsen

photo of jeff
Jeff is Librarian and Researcher of the LMT.  Jeff joined LMT in May 2000 after moving from Scottsdale Arizona where he had managed a family business.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies.  In addition, he has completed extensive research on cults in general and Scientology in specific.

Jeff's interests in cults comes from his own six-year experience in a small Pentecostal church in South Dakota during the 1970's.

Jeff's job is to establish a valuable and comprehensive library about Scientology.  Currently Jeff is also working on the Trust web site.

Since arriving in Clearwater, Jeff has been photographed getting his haircut, been followed while driving from home and work, and was denied service at a Scientologist owned restaurant.


See the "dead agent" flyer Scientology distributed in Jeff's neighborhood.

Jeff speaks at Clearwater city commission meeting 5/17/01

Jeff discriminated against for attempting to buy memorial bricks in memory of Lisa McPherson. Read the correspondence 3/01

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    Article: St. Petersburg Times article 4/20/01 . "A secret committee of the Citizens for a Better Clearwater responsible for beautifying an alley next to a Scientology owned property rejected the McPherson brick along with two other bricks ordered by members of a Scientology watchdog group called the Lisa McPherson Trust.

Jeff speaks at Clearwater city commission meeting 3/01/01

Jeff speaks at Clearwater city commission meeting 8/17/00

The Hubbard Is Bare, history of Hubbard's ideas [link]

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